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IntelliJ IDEA is getting ready for Java EE 7 Launch

No doubt you’ve heard about Java EE 7 Launch this Wednesday, Jun 12th. Do you plan to attend the Java EE 7 launch webinar to learn the latest improvements in the platform? If you do Java EE then it probably … Continue reading

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More intelligence for JSF component libraries

Make sure you try the extended JSF components support in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2 EAP. Completion, error highlighting and basic refactorings have been added for RichFaces 3.x (a4j and rich) and standard (html and core) component libraries. Write us … Continue reading

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JSF 2.0 Managed Beans in Maia

Maia supports JSF 2.0 annotated Managed Beans with code completion, rename refactoring, usage search, goto declaration, and the others.

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Configure JSF Navigation Rules Without Typing

With IntelliJ IDEA you can easily configure navigation rules in faces-config files without making a lot of tedious typing. Just open a faces configuration file, select the Navigation tab, and then drag pages from project tree and drop them to the … Continue reading

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@Named WebBeans (JSR-299) Support in IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia)

@Named Web Beans references may be used in Unified EL expressions on a JSP or JSF page. @Named Beans support includes code completion, usage search, rename refactoring, go to declaration, and more. Find usages of @Named Web Bean in JSF … Continue reading

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JSF Application in Just Two Clicks

IntelliJ IDEA Java EE support was beefed up with the very interesting feature. Now you can build a database Web interface in literally a few mouse clicks. Well, okay, at least get yourself a starting point, which is way better … Continue reading

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