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More intelligence for JSF component libraries

Make sure you try the extended JSF components support in the latest IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2 EAP. Completion, error highlighting and basic refactorings have been added for RichFaces 3.x (a4j and rich) and standard (html and core) component libraries. Write us … Continue reading

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New JSF 2.0 Features in Maia

You are welcome to try new JSF 2.0 support features in upcoming Maia EAP: 1. Improved template support: 2. ActionSources and ValueHolders: 3. Targets attribute of composite components: 4. Extended support for EL in composite components implementation; and more.

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Writing JSF 2.0 Composite Components in Maia

IntelliJ IDEA 9 brings you powerful support for JSF 2.0 composite components development: Code completion Refactorings Usage search and more. It also introduces a Quick Fix Driven Development approach which gives you a great opportunity to quickly familiarize with the … Continue reading

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JSF 2.0 Resource Handlers Support in Maia

Maia supports JSF 2.0 mechanism for defining and accessing resources (described by David Geary in his article), and provides code completion, syntax and error highlighting, plus usage search and refactorings for it.

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JSF 2.0 Navigation Facilities in Maia

Maia provides support for JSF 2.0 simplified navigation rules — a direct way of navigation to beans from jsf pages. Also, it includes a number of coding assistance features: Completion for neighbor pages and absolute paths Usage search Rename refactoring

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JSF 2.0 @ResourceDependency Annotations in Maia

@ResourceDependencies and @ResourceDependency annotations are supported in Maia through code completion, usage search and rename for resource files:

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Maia and JSF-2.0

Upcoming version of IntelliJ IDEA, Maia is capable of aggregating all JSF-related configurations in a single place, letting you easily analyze and quickly navigate to both annotated and xml’ed elements via dedicated tool window.

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JSF 2.0 Managed Beans in Maia

Maia supports JSF 2.0 annotated Managed Beans with code completion, rename refactoring, usage search, goto declaration, and the others.

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