Want more from IntelliJ IDEA? Press the same shortcut again!

Sometimes you invoke an action and you don’t get what you wanted immediately. In such cases it may help to invoke the action again by pressing the same shortcut. In basic code completion (Ctrl+Space) this will list non-imported classes:

It works in similar way for smart-type and class name completions:

In File Structure popup (Ctrl+F12) you will show inherited members with it:

When introducing a variable (Ctrl+Alt+V), you may want to reassign an existing one instead:

I may have missed something, but all this is already available in IntelliJ IDEA 11. And there’s a couple more nice things you can try in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1 EAP. First, all Goto actions (Ctrl+N for classes, Ctrl+Shift+N for files etc.) now expand their search scope after you press their shortcut again. For example, Goto Action (Ctrl+Shift+A) suggests to search in non-menu actions:

Finally, Show Usages action (normally Ctrl+Alt+F7, remapped to Meta+Alt+F7 by me) will expand the search scope as well:

Try it and tell us how you like it.

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