Java Annotated Monthly – April 2017

We’re drawing closer to the release of Java 9, so expect to see more and more Java 9 news as we get nearer to July.  We should start to hear more too about what’s coming after Java 9, so now we have a dedicated section just for Java Future news.  As usual, we’ve got a good selection of general Java tips, tricks and news, and this month’s design section is very specifically aimed at Java/OO developers. To finish up, we’ve introduced a new Events section, so if we’re in your neighbourhood you can drop in and see us.


Java 9

Java 9 is obviously going to be big news all year.  By now we should know that although the big ticket item is modularity, there are lots of small and interesting changes that it would be nice to understand before the release in July.

Java Future

Some of the most eagerly awaited features for Java-the-language are well in the future, maybe even beyond Java 10, but we can keep an eye on them and cheer them on.

Java In General

There’s still plenty to understand in Java 8, and as we become more familiar with the basic concepts we can level up to use more advanced features.

It’s always valuable to revisit fundamentals.

The libraries and frameworks that are available to us are constantly evolving to help us become more productive.


It’s difficult to know where to draw the line that separates what interests Android developers and “other” Java developers. Firstly, let’s look at some Android specific news and articles.

And then there’s always information that, while aimed at Android developers, may be equally interesting to those who aren’t specifically doing mobile development.

Design and Architecture

Usually this section lets us pop our head up above language-specific concerns, but this month most of the design and architecture articles are specific to Java.


JetBrains is going to be at a number of events in April that may be relevant to Java and/or enterprise developers, come and say hello, ask us questions or give feedback at our booth:

And Finally


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