Java Annotated Monthly – August 2019

It’s August and frankly there are better ways to be spending one’s time than worrying about work. If you do feel the urge to use your downtime to level up your technical knowledge, or if you’re working through the expensive holiday season, then as usual this month’s Java Annotated Monthly should have what you need. But if you skip a month in order to focus on something else that’s more important, like family, friends, or taking some time to recharge and look after yourself, that might bring you more value.


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There were a lot of great posts on the IntelliJ IDEA blog this month, check them out:

If you have any interesting or useful Java / JVM news to share via Java Annotated Monthly, leave a comment or drop me a message via Twitter.

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3 Responses to Java Annotated Monthly – August 2019

  1. Avatar

    Rob Crawford says:

    August 5, 2019

    I’ve not been a big fan of Lombok, but have been using Immutables for message classes with Akka. Less “magic” — they generate actual code and you can judge its quality yourself — but still a nice way to automate some gruntwork.

  2. Avatar

    Reto says:

    August 10, 2019

    Link to “Support for VCS Ignores in IntelliJ IDEA and IntelliJ-based IDEs” is not correct.
    Should be
    As I have already commented, I think thats a step backward.

    • Trisha Gee

      Trisha Gee says:

      September 16, 2019

      Fixed, thank you.

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