Java Annotated Monthly – November 2019

In this month’s edition, we have tutorials for Java 13 features, news about Java 14 (and beyond!) features, plus the usual mix of tutorials (largely Spring again this month), news, and Other Interesting Articles. Under the latter category we have a bunch of articles about remote working. This was also a big month for IntelliJ IDEA blog posts, so we’ve summarized those too.


Java News

News this month is a mish-mash of upcoming release stuff, Java-related-company stuff and conference stuff.

Java Tutorials & Tips

Languages, Frameworks, Libraries and Technologies

Spring-heavy again this month

Culture & Community

I’m always interested in articles about remote working, being a remote worker myself. This month quite a few of them cropped up.

And Finally

A chance to catch up on the other IntelliJ IDEA blog posts from this month. Note that the big thing for us at the moment is the upcoming 2019.3 release.

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