Meet Grazie: the ultimate spelling, grammar, and style checker for IntelliJ IDEA

Development is not all about programming languages. A lot of text in your code is for humans, not the compiler: string literals, comments, Javadocs, commit messages, and much more requires at least some knowledge of English or other natural languages, depending on your team and users. So isn’t it great when your IDE checks not only your code constructs, but also the spelling, grammar, and style of natural language text? Now we have a great tool to reduce your need for native-speaker editors, or at least reduce the number of mistakes that they need to clean up in your code.

Grazie is a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA that provides intelligent checks beyond simple spelling mistakes and typos. It understands grammar rules and can warn you about inappropriate style.

Grazie highlights mistakes and suggests fixes

By default, Grazie includes only English, but you can add more than 15 other language models and all checks are performed locally after the corresponding model is downloaded and enabled. To add other languages and configure the rules, open Settings / Preferences and then select Tools | Grazie.

Configure languages and rules for Grazie

In the top part, you can add necessary language models and select your native language: this is for beginner level speakers. For example, if you are a Russian native and your English is not ideal, Grazie has rules to highlight common mistakes that Russian speakers make in English text. You can see those rules in the screenshot: mixing “than” and “then”, “adapt” and “adopt”, also words like “magazine” mean something completely different in Russian, and so on. You can disable the whole bunch of Commonly Confused Words if you are sure you can avoid trivial mistakes yourself.

The Enable Grazie Spellchecker checkbox is a legacy option that was used to replace the built-in spellchecker with the one used by Grazie in previous versions of the plugin. But now Grazie extends the built-in spellchecker. This option now enables the built-in spellchecker (because the Grazie dictionary integrates into it) for all of your projects. And if you do not want to check the spelling in all of your projects, disable this option and then enable the Spelling inspection for specific projects (Grazie will integrate wherever the built-in spellchecker inspection is enabled).

The Check Commit Messages option is disabled by default because it requires integration with the built-in VCS support via changes in the configuration file (vcs.xml). These changes can be safely committed, so you can enable checks in commit messages if you are fine with this.

Grazie is already available for IntelliJ IDEA starting from version 2019.2.4, and for the upcoming 2019.3 EAP. It is easily extensible by other plugins and IntelliJ-based IDEs, so any programming or markup language can now include Grazie grammar checks for its constructs. If you are a plugin developer, be sure to implement the GrammarCheckingStrategy for your language. And stay tuned for Grazie in other JetBrains IDEs.

If you find any bugs or would like to suggest a feature request for Grazie, you can submit your feedback in YouTrack.

Happy developing!

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20 Responses to Meet Grazie: the ultimate spelling, grammar, and style checker for IntelliJ IDEA

  1. Avatar

    Yury says:

    November 4, 2019

    Why not just call it “Spellcheck” in settings?

    • Avatar

      Alexey Zhebel says:

      November 4, 2019

      There is Editor | Spelling in settings, and Grazie integrates into the spellchecker. For example, it has a dictionary of IT terms. But spellchecking is not all there is about proper language. Grazie checks grammar rules and stylistic structures, which is beyond simple spellchecking.

  2. Avatar

    Daniel Naber says:

    November 4, 2019

    For those who like Grazie: it’s based on our software LanguageTool, which is also available as a browser and Google Docs add-on (

  3. Avatar

    Markus says:

    November 4, 2019

    Ok, so is this online or offline, can you clarify this? Thx

    • Avatar

      Alexey Zhebel says:

      November 5, 2019

      Offline. All checks are performed locally, there is no remote processing.

      However, initially, to install the plugin, you need to download it. The only default language is English. When you add another language model, Grazie needs to download it.

  4. Avatar

    Sanjay says:

    November 5, 2019

    Weird, neither normal Intellij spellchecker nor Grazie working for yaml file.

    • Avatar

      Vladislav Tankov says:

      November 17, 2019

      Grazie will support YAML in the next update. Spellchecker support should be implemented on the side of YAML plugin, we will add it later.

  5. Avatar

    Jerzi says:

    November 7, 2019

    Had some fun with this. I installed into Clion (for C project) and Idea Ultimate (for Python project).

    First, the C project:

    “// Scale up the number of connections and links”

    number → numbest
    THE + RELATIVE + OF, e.g. the worse (worst) of

    And something from the Python project:

    #!/usr/bin/env python
    python → python./python!/python?

    No punctuation mark at the end of paragraph

    Could be useful, but not without some tuning. It makes reading comments fun again, though.

  6. Avatar

    Alexey Neupokoev says:

    November 8, 2019

    “Comfortable numbest” 😉 Seems legit.

  7. Avatar

    Iurii says:

    December 16, 2019

    Is it possible to set up some special rules for a given file type. For example,
    I’d like to check that in .wsdl file there are no specific values in <wsdl:output . Is it possible to do in Grazie ? And if yes are any means of integration into Maven life cycle ? E.g. I'd like to stop "install" phase if there are errors of spell checking in .wsdl .

    • Avatar

      Vladislav Tankov says:

      December 18, 2019

      Right now it is not possible — Grazie applies rules across all files, but we may consider such usage in a future.
      You can file an issue with detailed description of this functionality at our YouTrack ( and we will try to do our best.

  8. Avatar

    Michael Fritsch says:

    January 22, 2020

    Is it possible to extend Grazie with my own rules for Languagetools?

    • Avatar

      Vladislav Tankov says:

      January 23, 2020

      Right now no — it is not possible. But we hope to implement such support in the future.

  9. Avatar

    Ken says:

    April 9, 2020

    You folks updated PyCharm and didn’t bother to update Grazie (and logstash config support). Plugins now useless.

    2:15 PMPlugin Error: Plugin “logstash config support” is incompatible (until build
    193.SNAPSHOT < PC-201.6668.115).Plugin “Grazie” is incompatible (until build
    193.SNAPSHOT < PC-201.6668.115).

  10. Avatar

    Ken says:

    April 10, 2020

    Thank you for updating.

  11. Avatar

    Benjamin Hutchison says:

    May 3, 2020

    Why oh why can’t you just show corrected spelling options in a dropdown under the word, off a one step key-shortcut ?

    Thats what your users really want of course!

    The spelling suggestions have always been fine in Intellij. the problem is its so damn hard to get to them and Grazie hasnt improved that… :doh:

    • Avatar

      Alexey Zhebel says:

      May 4, 2020

      Benjamin, thank you for your feedback! We’ll see if this can be done.

  12. Avatar

    Florian Becker says:

    June 3, 2020

    Great plugin! Love it!
    Question one: It seems not compatible right now with AndroidStudio4.0 – Are you plan to update?
    Question two: which color setting is grazie using in androidstudio? i looked through the color options, but cant find it and the default color is really bad to see.

    • Avatar

      Vladislav Tankov says:

      June 11, 2020

      Hi! As for AndroidStudio 4.0 — it should be compatible, just install it from Plugins settings page. If it does not work for some reason, feel free to ping us via issue at

      As for color — Grazie uses Typo highlight color, so you can just adjust Typo to whatever color you want 🙂

  13. Avatar

    Buddy Meehleder says:

    June 8, 2020

    I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your webs

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