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Webinar Recording: React+TypeScript+TDD in IntelliJ IDEA

A couple of weeks ago I hosted our PyCharm Developer Advocate, Paul Everitt, for a webinar about React, TypeScript and TDD in IntelliJ IDEA. This was a bit of an experiment for us, as a) we were talking about technologies we often don’t cover in the context of IntelliJ IDEA, even though Ultimate does fully support them all and b) Paul is presenting the material several times for several different audiences.

Here’s the recording of the webinar, the audience is assumed to be Java or full-stack developers with a basic understanding of some of the technologies covered.  For a more thorough understanding, take a look at the tutorial.

Key topics and times:

  • 2:10 – Project Setup
  • 13:41 – Project Cleanup
  • 23:54 – Testing
  • 32:50 – Debugging During Testing
  • 49:16 – Debugging with Chrome
  • 50:01 – Survey of remaining sections

About the Presenter:

Paul Everitt is the PyCharm Developer Advocate at JetBrains. Before that, Paul was a co-founder of Zope Corporation, taking the first open source application server through $14M of funding. Paul has bootstrapped both the Python Software Foundation and the Plone Foundation. Prior to that, Paul was an officer in the US Navy, starting in 1993.

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