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IDE Features Trainer: a New Way to Learn Your IDE

The family of education resources for IntelliJ IDEA welcomes a new member! Now, in addition to “What’s new” videos, documentation, blog posts and screencasts, the IDE Features Trainer plugin is available to help you learn the shortcuts for the most … Continue reading

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Wipe out code review roadblocks with Upsource

Do you practice code review in your team? Considering it? Tried it before but quit for some reason? One way or another, you know what code review is. The jury is still out on how much exactly code review increases … Continue reading

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Touring Plugins – GitIgnore

I always have a .gitignore file in my Dropbox folder that I copy over for new projects, knowing that any subsequent update to the copy isn’t always synced with the original. Of course, it’s not always necessary either, but it’s … Continue reading

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Touring Plugins – Floobits

Software has become an increasingly cooperative process, both for applications themselves and for those who build them. With today’s developer teams spanning classrooms and continents, good interprocess communication is critical, and Floobits can help. Floobits is a real-time collaborative editor, … Continue reading

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Touring Plugins – Presentation Assist

When doing screencasts on IntelliJ IDEA or some of our other IDE’s, or giving live presentations, I usually use a very useful plugin which is called Presentation Assist. What it does, once installed, is display on screen the keyboard combination … Continue reading

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Touring Plugins: Software Metrics

IntelliJ IDEA is a platform on to which most functionality is provided in the form of plugins. IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate has all the functionality our other IDEs have (with the exception of iOS/OSX-targeted functionality in AppCode). Each smaller IDE in … Continue reading

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