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Interview: Quazi Naiful on Python web frameworks and GraphQL

Web development has long been a key part of Python’s appeal. In modern web apps, rich frontends work with Python backends over REST. But even that’s getting re-examined, with recent interest in GraphQL as a query language for web data. … Continue reading

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Webinar: “GraphQL in the Python World”

GraphQL is a new way of communicating with your data sources. It might replace RESTful APIs because it provides a better framework for dealing with your data. This webinar is about what GraphQL is and what problems it actually solves … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording: Visual Testing with Kenneth Love

Last week we had a wonderful webinar on visual testing with Kenneth Love, Python teacher and speaker extraordinaire. The recording is now available: During the webinar, Kenneth covered quite a bit of material: Start with a game in a Python … Continue reading

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Interview: Kenneth Love on testing, Python, and organizing

Python is one of the easiest languages to learn, but that doesn’t mean all the programming concepts become easy. One that’s hard: testing. Kenneth Love, well-known speaker, organizer, and teacher in Python, has years of experience bringing complicated subjects within … Continue reading

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Webinar: “Visual Testing With PyCharm” with Kenneth Love, Sept 28

Testing in Python often requires you to spend a lot of time looking at dots in your terminal. PyCharm, though, can make testing easier and friendlier! When you configure PyCharm to run your Python tests for you, you can get … Continue reading

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Develop Django Under the Debugger

PyCharm Professional has long had great support for developing Django applications, including a run configuration tailored to the Django server. This winds up being a wonderful workflow, with a tool window showing the server output. Sometimes, though, you hit a … Continue reading

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Webinar Recording: Teaching Python 3.6 with Games

Yesterday Paul Craven, computer science professor and creator of the Arcade library for Python 2d games, gave a webinar about teaching Python to university students using game writing. The recording is now available: During the webinar, Paul discussed his techniques … Continue reading

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Interview: Paul Craven on Python Gaming and Teaching

Writing games in Python is fun, so how about using it to teach computer programming? Paul Craven is both a professor and the creator of Arcade, a 2d game library for Python. He’s doing a webinar with us next week, … Continue reading

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Webinar: “Teaching Python 3.6 with Games” with Paul Craven, August 2nd

Want to teach Python? Want to use Python 3 type hinting in your applications? Want to write games? In this webinar, we look at all three, together, using the Arcade library for Python and its creator, Paul Craven. Wednesday, August … Continue reading

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Template Debugging

In April we had a webinar about Visual Debugging. I misfired at the end, when showing template debugging in web frameworks, and promised a do-over. Here’s the do-over…let’s talk about a wonderful and useful feature in PyCharm Professional: breakpoints in … Continue reading

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