Java Annotated Monthly – December 2020

December is here, and if you celebrate the mid-winter holidays (or midsummer if you’re on that side of the equator) you’re probably thinking ahead to that. 2020 has not been… optimal… for many. Christmas (or equivalent) will likely not look the way we expected, or are used to. We have an "opportunity" (haven’t you always hated boss-speak, it’s not an "opportunity", it actually is a "problem") to try new things, create new traditions, or to simply take the chance to put less pressure on ourselves this year. Let’s face it, we deserve a break.

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I’m pleased that 2020 has made conferences much more accessible to all, by removing travel barriers, and many of them removing cost barriers for attendees. As a conference speaker, I’ve been able to speak at more events this year too because of this. But… virtual conferences are not the same thing. Still, I think they might become a very interesting addition to the usual media for spreading knowledge

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A round up of blog posts and videos from IntelliJ IDEA and JetBrains:

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