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Get IntelliJ-based IDEs, Fully Localized in 3 Languages!

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JetBrains has always been committed to creating solutions that make software development easier and more productive for programmers worldwide. For many years, our IDEs have only been available in English. Today we’re thrilled that developers who speak Chinese, Japanese, and Korean will be able to get the full experience of using our products in their native languages.

Thank you!

Localizing our mature IDEs, which were initially created in English without localization in mind, was no small feat. It is the result of work by an incredible group of people, both from within JetBrains and from our vast user community, including software developers, QA engineers, technical writers, regional marketing and sales managers, localization specialists, translators, and proofreaders. Many of our loyal users volunteered to test our language packs when they were still in different stages of development, which helped us get to where we are now. We owe you all a big thank-you – without your time and effort, we would not have been able to succeed!

What is a fully localized IDE?

We have localized the UI of IntelliJ IDEA, AppCode, CLion, DataGrip, GoLand, PyCharm, PhpStorm, RubyMine, and WebStorm with all of their bundled plugins. There are more than 6000 non-bundled plugins that can extend the core functionality of our IDEs and their UIs have not been localized. If you’d like to request localization of a non-bundled plugin created by JetBrains, you can submit an issue to our tracker, specifying whether you want it in Chinese, Japanese, or Korean.

Some numbers

While working on localization, the 200 people involved in this project did amazing things:
– extracted about 300,000 strings
– translated over 1.5 mln words
– received 720 issues, and fixed 600 of them.

Celebrate the public release of the language packs with us and get a discount!

Install language packs

To install a language pack plugin, follow the instructions in the IDE plugins documentation. See the latest information on compatibility in the Versions section on JetBrains Marketplace. At this time, the language packs are available for IntelliJ IDEA, AppCode, CLion, DataGrip, GoLand, PyCharm, PhpStorm, RubyMine, and WebStorm.

Submit feedback

Your feedback is one of the main drivers of our improvement.

To report issues, please use YouTrack, our issue tracker at JetBrains. Issues can be submitted directly from the IDE or via YouTrack using templates for the Chinese, Japanese, or Korean versions. There’s a special YouTrack subsystem for localization issues. Before you submit your issue, please familiarize yourself with the list of known issues.

Over 1.5 million users are already using our localized IDEs. Join them today and enjoy working with the IDE in your language!

Chinese Language Pack Japanese Language Pack Korean Language Pack

Translation plugin

In addition to the localized UI, you can translate any piece of code in the IDE editor using the Translation plugin authored by Yii Guxing. JetBrains has been working with the plugin author to improve the plugin’s features and to localize its UI and documentation, which are now available in English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Your feedback is welcome.

Security note. The plugin uses the free API of the following translation engines: Google, Youdao, or Baidu, so the translation data can potentially be stored, indexed, shared, or even repurposed by the engine vendor. Please check their Terms of Use if your code is security-sensitive.

The JetBrains team

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