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Java Annotated Monthly – October 2022

Hello! October is here to bring a selection of recent news and tips on Java, Kotlin, and related technologies and frameworks.

This month’s top news is the release of Java 19, so the Java News section features a podcast with details and several pieces describing the updates. What do you think about them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Don’t miss our Culture & Community section, which highlights less coding-heavy topics that might grab your attention, like advances in quantum computing and AI, remote teamwork, motivational insights, and more.

Let’s get started!

Java News

Java 19 Delivers Features for Projects Loom, Panama, and Amber – Java 19, the second non-LTS release since JDK 17, offers a final feature set of seven JEPs:

JEP 429: Extent-Local Variables to Promote Immutability in Java – This JEP offers a new type, ExtentLocal, instead of ThreadLocal.

Episode 26 “Java 19 is Here!” – Listen to this two-part episode, in which Chad discusses Project Loom and Project Amber with Ron Pressler and Brian Goetz.

The 5 Most Pivotal and Innovative Additions to OpenJDK 19 – The author shares his thoughts on the game-changing features slated to alter the Java landscape. Do you agree with his Top 5?

Java To The Future – They say the newly released Java 19 features are for projects Amber, Valhalla, Loom, and Panama. If you have no idea what they are, watch the presentation to learn what the updates mean for the Java platform. Get ready for the bright future of Java!

If you’d like to keep track of all the Java news throughout the month, check out the Java News Roundups 1, 2, and 3.

JDK 19 and JDK 20: What We Know So Far – The last part of the article gives an overview of the expected Java 20 features.

Java Tutorials & Tips

Java 19 in Action – Inside Java Newscast #33 – Nicolai Parlog shows how he uses the new Java 19 features in real projects.

Java Programming Complete Guide for Beginners | Learn (A-Z) of Java | Java Tutorial 2021 – Enjoy this cool new 9-hour Java course for beginners, or if you’re long past that stage, recommend it to someone who’s just starting out with Java.

Better Java logging, inspired by Clojure and Rust – The author proposes a way to improve the supposedly outdated design of existing logging libraries by offering a new API that allows and enforces structured logging.
Virtual Threads: New Foundations for High-Scale Java Applications – Check out this detailed long-read on Virtual Threads, a preview feature in Java 19.

Why we chose Java for our High-Frequency Trading application – Find out about Dsquare Trading Ltd’s decision process in this real-market example.

Why and how to use Static Factory methods instead of public constructors in Java – The author explains the perks of using Static Factory methods to create objects in Java. The article comes with straightforward examples.

Use Pattern Matching to Simplify Java – If you’re looking for a simple explanation of Pattern Matching, then this piece is for you! It shows how you can use Pattern Matching to make your code concise without losing readability, and why it pays to do so.

​​Console readline() Java – See several examples of where ​​Console readline() can be of use.

How To Build a Command-Line Text Editor With Java (Part 1) (Part 2) – These two tutorials walk you through creating a terminal-based text editor with Java. You’ll learn how text editors work, what ANSI escape codes are, and a lot more.

How to use Composite Design Pattern in Java? Example Tutorial – Find out how to apply Composite Design Pattern on the example of an employee chart.

Is CodeGym a Good Place to Learn Java? Is CodeGym Premium Worth it? – CodeGym is an alternative to Udemy and Coursera if you want to interactively learn Java. Read what this platform offers and see if you want to try it out.

When should I use a List vs a LinkedList – Check out the differences between List and LinkedList and the advantages of both.

Best Practices for Managing Java Dependencies – Get some helpful advice on managing Java Dependencies, with examples.

Java is incomplete without these Libraries and APIs. 8 Libraries and APIs every Java developer should know – The author has put together all the essential libraries and APIs to help round out your Java coding tool set.

Languages, Frameworks, Libraries, and Technologies

Ultra-Fast Microservices: The Enterprise Integration Makes It Easy – This tutorial will show you how to incorporate a persistence tool with the standard of Java enterprise applications.

This Week in Spring September 20th, 2022 – The latest weekly updates for Spring and Spring Boot: 1, 2, and 3.

Introducing Spring Boot Migrator – Read about the experimental Spring Boot Migrator (SBM), an app that helps migrate an existing codebase to a Spring Boot application.

Spring Cloud 2021.0.4 (codename Jubilee) Has Been Released.

The Spring Data findAll Anti-Pattern – Find out why you should avoid having a findAll method in every data access Repository instance, and how you can achieve that.

A Quick Glance at the Kubernetes Gateway API – The Gateway API is one of the ways to access a pod from outside the cluster. This post describes how to configure pod access via the Gateway API, and the example source code is included.

How to Remote Debug A Java Application In a Kubernetes Pod – Yet another comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on debugging a Java application running in a Kubernetes Pod.

Simplify and Accelerate Kubernetes Adoption – Watch this 45-minute panel session with industry professionals, recorded during InfoQ Live.

Top 5 JavaScript Mistakes That Developers Make and Their Solutions – The article lists the mistakes and offers solutions. Would you agree those are the most common ones, or do you have different picks?

[EPISODE 3] Angular Architectural Overview – While creating an Angular app, the host unlocks the secrets of its structure.

Google Cloud Certificate Manager Generally AvailableIntroduced for preview earlier this year, the Certificate Manager is now available publicly. It is a service for acquiring, managing, and deploying TLS certificates for use with Google Cloud workloads.

Overview of Android Networking Tools: Receiving, Sending, Inspecting, and Mock Servers – The author provides various tricks and non-standard methods, as well as libraries and tools, that can be useful when developing complex applications involving many requests to the network.

Node.js Event Loop Explained – Get to know Node.js better and use the attached code snippet to play around with it.

Difference between SQL, T-SQL, and PL/SQL? – Find out the difference and be prepared in case you get asked this question during a job interview!

Kotlin Corner

Kotlin JDSL: Let’s use Kotlin to easily write reactive Criteria API – The author explains how the concepts of “JPA” and “reactive” can coexist, using Kotlin JDSL Reactive modules as examples.

Join the Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Content Creators – At JetBrains, we greatly appreciate the contributions of developers from all over the world who share their experience, create great learning samples, and help make the official Kotlin resources even more useful. Go ahead and join in – we’re sure you have bright ideas to offer to the community!

​​Java Sealed Classes vs Kotlin Sealed Classes | Lothar Schulz – Watch this video for a comparison of sealed classes in Kotlin and in Java.

Kotlin News: 1.7.20-RC, kotlinx.serialization 1.4.0, KotlinConf Call for Speakers, and More – Check out the latest news digest from the Kotin team.

Culture & Community

Baidu Announces Superconducting Quantum Computer and Integration Solution – The company called their quantum computing processor Qian Shi. Read the article to learn what the name means and what problems Baidu is planning to tackle with this beast of a machine.

Best Photo Effects APIs In 2022– This article brings a short list of APIs that can help you edit your photos more quickly and effectively.

Running a Hackathon That Sparks Developer Innovation – Hackathons are being run everywhere all the time, but how do you make sure yours is a success? Read these tips to tilt the odds in your favor.

Shifting from Passenger to Driver Mindset – This podcast is here to help you motivate your engineers and grow true visionaries.

Creating an Atmosphere of Psychological Safety – How do you go about fostering a work environment that inspires your team to work as one? Get insights by listening to this podcast (or reading the transcript).

Hidden Habits Killing Your Remote Team’s Ability to Collaborate Effectively – If today’s remote realities are rendering your team’s usual workflows ineffective, these resources and tips can help you get your teamwork back on track.

MIT Researchers Develop AI Model to Solve University-Level Mathematics Problems – The future is here – AI is getting smarter every day!

And Finally

The Early Access Program and Why You Might Want to Participate – Learn more about IntelliJ IDEA’s latest EAP.

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