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Maven Properties and Filters Support in Maia

Next Maia EAP comes with full support of Maven Properties and Filtered Resources. New features include: Go to declaration with Ctrl+B on a property from your pom.xml files, settings.xml and profiles.xml files, system and environment properties, and properties defined in … Continue reading

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Maven-like Classpath in Maia

Starting next Maia EAP, classpath for Maven-based projects will be built following Maven rules. Also, IntelliJ IDEA will natively support compile, test and run-time dependency scopes. For more information see Maven Dependency Mechanism documentation.

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Maven 2.2 Support

Next Maia EAP includes fully integrated Maven 2.2 support: Parallel dependency resolution Import dependency scope And more.

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Unwrap Method Parameter in Maia

Now you can use Shift+Ctrl+Del to quickly unwrap a parameter from a method call. Lets look at the example: If we have something like this after unwrapping it will become

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New Maven Resource Compiler

IntelliJ IDEA now uses a special compiler to process Maven resources as specified in the pom file, with includes/excludes and filters. Resource folders are not set as Source Folders anymore because they do not fit in the IntelliJ IDEA model. … Continue reading

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