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WSDL improvements in IDEA X

If you work a lot with WSDL, you will find new IntelliJ IDEA X refactorings, code completions and validations very handy. Be it schema or WSDL, import inside a WSDL document is not a problem anymore. Also, we are looking … Continue reading

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Navigation between JAX-RS resources and JSP templates

Jersey is a reference implementation of JAX-RS (JSR-311). IntelliJ IDEA X will support some of the Jersey’s features. MVCJ is one of them. IntelliJ IDEA automatically detects JSP templates for your resource classes that simplifies navigation to them.

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XML improvements in IntelliJ IDEA X

There are few small, but very useful improvements in XML editing will be available in IntelliJ IDEA 10. All of them are very handy when edit XML files like schemes, JSPs, MXMLs, etc. First of these improvements is inspection detecting … Continue reading

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Maven Dependencies Diagram

Anyone working on large Maven projects knows well about how hard it is to keep in mind all the dependencies between modules and libraries; and even harder, to resolve conflicts between them. We’ve greatly improved Maven Dependencies Diagram to make … Continue reading

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UML-like Diff Tool

If you’re a lucky owner of IntelliJ IDEA 9 Ultimate Edition, you’ll be surprised to find a new action in VCS History panel: view all changes made in commit in a single dialog. This feature makes it simpler to understand … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA PSI Viewer

If you’re an IntelliJ IDEA plugin developer, you’re surely going to enjoy IntelliJ IDEA PSI Viewer (Tools -> View PSI Structure), which displays internal structure of various files, as they’re interpreted by IntelliJ IDEA. If you’re implementing a new language … Continue reading

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Bean Validation Support Becomes more Powerful in Maia

In earlier post about Bean Validation support, we focused on Java related things. In other words, we only talked about Bean Validation support in Java code. IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia) also has powerful Bean Validation support in XML descriptors (validation.xml … Continue reading

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5 Cool Shortcuts You Have Probably Never Tried

I’d like to tell you a bit about a bunch of cool IntelliJ IDEA shortcuts you have probably never heard of. Ctrl+W/Ctrl+Shift+W When it comes to precisely selecting a value, expression, statement or any other block of code, these shortcuts … Continue reading

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Ctrl+Tab Switcher in Maia

Maia brings a new powerful action Ctrl+Tab that allows you to switch between open files in editor and tool windows. It works similar to Alt+Tab on Windows or ⌘+Tab on Mac. There are two columns: tool windows and open files … Continue reading

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Icons Preview in Gutter Bar

Maia supports preview of icons you are using in Java code directly from the editor. For each of the icon definitions (javax.swing.Icon), Maia tries to locate a file from which it is loaded and then shows a preview in the … Continue reading

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