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Groovy stacktrace folding

When you look at a typical Groovy stack trace, you usually see something like this: This is not terribly helpful, since there are only three lines from the actual source code. Everything else refers to Groovy’s internals. From now on, … Continue reading

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Something More About Generics Folding

Looking back at constructor type parameters folding, you may wonder why don’t we fold another verbose construct with generics — method type parameters like this: fillMap(Collections.<String, List<Integer>>emptyMap()); In Maia, we will:

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Code Foldings for I18n Support

As you may know, IntelliJ IDEA 8 includes the complete i18nization support. In IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia) it will be improved with special i18n foldings that would allow to hide method calls, retrieving properties from resource bundles and replace them … Continue reading

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Repetitive Type Parameters Folding

Aren’t you tired of verbose constructs like this, are you? For years IntelliJ IDEA has been saving your time spent on writing code like this (Smart Type Completion after new keyword). Now it does so with your brain cycles while … Continue reading

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Closure folding in IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia)

IntelliJ IDEA 9 will bring you a clearer code reading experience with the support of folding for probably the most verbose Java constructions — anonymous classes. In IntelliJ IDEA 9 you will have an option to quickly collapse them to … Continue reading

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