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Live Webinar: React+TypeScript+TDD in IntelliJ IDEA

On October 23rd we’re doing a webinar which is a bit of an experiment for us: we’re inviting another JetBrains developer advocate, Paul Everitt, over to show us about React and TypeScript in IntelliJ IDEA. Why an experiment? Here’s an … Continue reading

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Simultaneous Tag Editing in IntelliJ IDEA 14.1

If you’re involved in web development and, for some reason, you haven’t given a ride to IntelliJ IDEA 14.1 yet, this will talk you into doing it right away. Has it happened to you that you changed an HTML or an XML … Continue reading

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What’s New for Web Development in IntelliJ IDEA 13

In the year 2013 much has changed in the world of web development: new languages, frameworks and libraries, and even test runners and frameworks. JetBrains continues to provide the best tools for all web developers, no matter what language or … Continue reading

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Web Development Requests in YouTrack

Dear Users, As you may know, we’ve got quite large piece of important functionality shared  between our products. Namely, you can use the same JavaScript, HTML and CSS support features in IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, PhpStorm and RubyMine. As each product … Continue reading

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Navigation between JAX-RS resources and JSP templates

Jersey is a reference implementation of JAX-RS (JSR-311). IntelliJ IDEA X will support some of the Jersey’s features. MVCJ is one of them. IntelliJ IDEA automatically detects JSP templates for your resource classes that simplifies navigation to them.

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More intelligence for web.xml editor

With IntelliJ IDEA 9.0.2 you can enjoy editing web.xml with the new initial parameters support. IntelliJ IDEA now collects parameter names and is also aware of parameter values types. This allows the IDE to generate (with Alt-Insert), complete, highlight and validate … Continue reading

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Have you heard of PyCharm IDE yet?

There are many great programming languages. And today we often pick one that fits best for a particular task. IntelliJ IDEA is a great IDE for polyglot programming offering out-of the box support for many languages plus a variety of … Continue reading

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Servlet 3.0 (JSR 315) support in Maia

Maia supports Servlet 3.0 specification (JSR 315). You can now create a Web application without a web.xml descriptor: Now, configure your servlets and filters with @WebServlet and @WebFilter annotations: Everything is recognized by IntelliJ IDEA, as well as Web fragment … Continue reading

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Refactoring Web Project with IntelliJ IDEA

My article about how refactoring can help you develop and maintain Web projects has finally been published at TheServerSide. I covered various aspects of refactoring as it applies to HTML, CSS, XML and JSP, which are the typical compound that … Continue reading

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