AppCode goes Beta with a 50% discount for 1.0

Oh, this pleasant mixture of excitement and uncertainty… Anyhow, we are excited to announce the availability of Beta release for JetBrains AppCode!

AppCode is an alternative Objective-C IDE for Mac OS X and iOS developers concentrating on an improved coding productivity.
The Early Access has been lots of fun, we’ve received a great deal of useful feedback from early adopters using the EAP builds. Thanks guys!
This Beta release leaves only a short final stretch to the 1.0 release, which is due out later this Fall. In the remaining time we are planning to mostly concentrate on product stability and performance.

By our tradition, during the Beta period everyone can get a 50% discount coupon for AppCode by submitting a request to JetBrains. Once version 1.0 is out the coupons can be used to purchase the IDE at half-price. We’ve also revealed the planned pricing for AppCode on the official web site, so you can have a clue now.

But if you want AppCode absolutely free, there’s also a way. Check it out!

So, enough words, download AppCode Beta and make sure you request the discount to save on AppCode 1.0!
Check out the changelist for this Beta build (108.1297)

-JetBrains AppCode Team
“Develop with Pleasure!”

P.S. The development continues and new EAP builds will be available as before.

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13 Responses to AppCode goes Beta with a 50% discount for 1.0

  1. Nik Reiman says:

    I’m a huge fan of AppCode and IntelliJ, and use both when bouncing between iPhone/Android projects. Will AppCode be available as a plugin for IntelliJ Ultimate Edition, or will I need a separate license for it? If so, is there any chance I can get a 50% off coupon?


    • Eugene Toporov says:

      Hi Nik!

      Great to know you like the products. Thanks!
      AppCode 1.0 will be a separate product. We do not plan to have a plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, so you will need a separate license for AppCode.
      You can request your personal coupon at

      Good luck!

  2. PikachuEXE says:

    Can I transfer the coupon to my friend? (To promote AppCode :)
    Because I have already submitted a screencast 😛

  3. Sean says:

    What’s the difference in functionality between the corporate and personal edition?

  4. Arno.Nyhm says:

    because you have now many seperate products.

    i use IDEA, RubyMine, AppCode
    (and maybe YouTrack hosted)

    a) do you think about a package price for all products? maybe (3 of our procuts cost xxx, 4 yyy )

    b) you have a central licence account login where i can manage my licences?
    still now i have always write an email ….

    best regards

    • Eugene Toporov says:

      a) I’m not aware of such a package. Anyhow, you are very welcome to contact our sales team ( and they will be more than happy to offer you a personal “existing customer” discount for any product.

      b) we are currently working on such a system. You’ll be able to use your existing ‘JetBrains Account’ to manage your licenses once we make it available.


  5. vincentlee01 says:

    will I need a separate license for it?

  6. Matt Hargett says:

    Any plans for C++03/0x support? I am desperate for ReSharper-style refactorings and auto-fix for C++ projects.

  7. Great that beta is out already, but still many things don’t work.
    1. I couldn’t find a way to configure SVN login and password, so I only get errors when trying to commit something.
    2. The project is indexed every time I open it and it takes about 20 secs.
    3. Is there a way to create a custom file template that will generate header and implementation files just like the predefined Obj-C Class template?

    • Maxim Shafirov says:

      1. It shall ask you for a credentials when appropriate actually. It may worth checking Settings|Version Control|VCSs|Subversion.
      2. Fixed in Beta2. We save the index on disk now.
      3. We use templates defined in Xcode for that.

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