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PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP 172.2953: improved UI for PHP settings page

The new PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP build (172.2953.13) is now available! You can download it here or via JetBrains Toolbox App. Or, if you have the previous PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP build (172.2827.17) installed, you should soon get a notification in the IDE about a patch update.

This build delivers new features, bug fixes and improvements for PHP and the Web, and takes on the latest improvements in IntelliJ Platform.

Improved UI for PHP settings page

In the previous EAP, we’ve added a new feature which automatically detects and synchronize project configuration with enabled extensions for PHP interpreter. Thanks to the feedback from our users we found out that the UI was not clear enough. In this build, we’ve reworked it. Now the button “Sync Extensions with Interpreter” has been moved into the PHP runtime tab and became more visible (Settings | Languages & Frameworks | PHP). We’ve also removed previously added notification “Would you like to detect extensions…?”.

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 14.54.44

From the platform side the update brings:

See the full list of bug-fixes and improvements in our issue tracker and the complete release notes.

Learn more about other new features in PhpStorm 2017.2:

  • PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP, 172.2103: Docker Compose, PSR-0/4 root detection from composer.json, automatic run of PHPUnit tests, unified settings for frameworks, field declared dynamically warning for fields assigned in constructor but not declared
  • PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP, 172.2273: Reworked polymorphic types support($this, static, parent), $this highlighting, new formatting options, SSH-Agent support
  • PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP, 172.2465: New Composer actions, formatting options for blank lines, unified Test Frameworks settings
  • PhpStorm 2017.2 EAP, 172.2827: New UML actions, remove Composer dependency action, PHP extensions detection, return types in change signature

Download PhpStorm 2017. 2 EAP 172.2953 for your platform from the project EAP page or click “Update” in your JetBrains Toolbox App and please do report any bugs and feature request to our Issue Tracker.

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