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Remote Development

Introducing Support for More IntelliJ-Based IDEs in Space Dev Environments

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With the initial release of remote development, Space dev environments supported only Fleet and IntelliJ IDEA. 

Today, we’re happy to introduce support for more IntelliJ-based IDEs: GoLand, PhpStorm, PyCharm, RubyMine, WebStorm, and CLion (starting with the 2021.3 version). All these IDEs work with Space dev environments via JetBrains Gateway. 

Watch this short video for more details:

To launch one of these IDEs remotely, all you need is a Space organization and the JetBrains Gateway app (available as a standalone application or via the Toolbox App).

When creating a new dev environment, select the IDE want to use from the list:

You should also specify your desired IDE when preparing a warm-up snapshot:

job("My project warmup data") {
    startOn {        
        schedule { cron("0 7 * * *") }
    // ide is the IDE you want Automation to build indexes for:
    // Ide.Fleet, Ide.Idea, Ide.RubyMine, Ide.WebStorm, and so on.
    // Ide.IJGateway has been deprecated.
    warmup(ide = Ide.GoLand) {
        // (Optional) Specify the IDE version to use instead of the
        // organization default. You can also use
        // IdeVersion.LatestOfQuality("Release").
        ideVersion = IdeVersion.Specific("2021.3.1", "Release")

You can now also choose the specific IDE version that you want to prepare project indexes for (the IDE version overrides the default version specified by the administrator).

The default dev-container image includes a basic minimum of tools required for languages supported by the IDEs (PHP, Ruby, Node.js, etc.), which should be sufficient for evaluation purposes. However, for real projects, we suggest preparing custom images that suit the specific needs of your project.

Try remote development with your favorite JetBrains IDE, and share your feedback with us! 

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