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Space On-Premises Beta Is Here

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Space On-Premises Beta Is Here

We’re happy to announce that Space On-Premises is available in Beta! With the On-Premises version, you can manage, maintain, and upgrade Space entirely on your end.

Today, we’re opening the On-Premises Beta program for organizations striving for full control over their data, and we invite you to use one of these installation options:

  • Space On-Premises for Docker Compose for a quick spin-up test environment.
  • Space On-Premises for Kubernetes for bigger installations that scale.
Why choose the Space On-Premises version?

Read this blog post to learn more about Space On-Premises, its installation options, and future pricing plans.

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Why choose the Space On-Premises version?

Space is a complete development platform for software teams and projects. It combines Git hosting, code reviews, automation, CI/CD, packages, issues and documents, chats, and calendars – all in one place and integrated out of the box.

With the Space On-Premises version, you’ll get complete control over your data as well as Space maintenance and upgrades. As an extendable platform, Space On-Premises gives you more flexibility and allows you to adjust the platform to better meet your needs.

Space On-Premises is completely free while in Beta and will offer a free plan for up to 10 users after the public release.

With the Beta program, the On-Premises version comes with two options allowing you to try it out before moving up to a full-fledged clustered experience. Let’s go ahead and take a detailed look at the installation options.

Space On-Premises for Docker Compose

Space On-Premises for Docker Compose is a lightweight and easy way to define and run Space On-Premises on a single Docker host.

With Compose, you use a YAML file to configure the services of your application. Then it only takes a single command to create and start all the services from your configuration.

We recommend this installation option for those who just want to give Space On-Premises a quick try. To get started or learn more, follow these instructions.

Space On-Premises for Kubernetes

Space On-Premises runs in a Kubernetes cluster. The cluster itself can be local or remote and can be hosted on-premises – on Amazon (EKS), Google (GKE), and Azure (AKS).

Space On-Premises uses Kubernetes as a resource provider, which means that Kubernetes defines the system context for Space On-Premises.

This installation option allows you to achieve a repeatable Space experience in any environment controlled by you. To get started or learn more, check out these instructions. Please make sure you have sufficient experience with configuring Kubernetes, as this step is not part of the Space On-Premises installation process.

Free Beta period and license limitations

Space On-Premises Beta comes with a free license valid until January 31, 2023. We’re planning to run the free Beta program for 3–6 months.

Currently, the free Beta license comes with the Organization plan.

The Beta license is limited to 1,000 users and 50 concurrent automation workers.

Future pricing plans

With the public release in Q4 2022, Space On-Premises will be available in three plans:

  • Free (up to 10 users)
  • Organization
  • Enterprise

Paid plans are billed annually per user and start from $25 per user per month. Space On-Premises features are broken down by plans similar to the Space Cloud plans. For more details on Space On-Premises pricing, refer to the Pricing page.

Please note that the prices and the feature list are approximate and given for reference only. They may be adjusted later based on what we learn from the Beta phase.

On-Premises versioning

Currently, Space On-Premises is available in version 2022.1. We’re planning to release hotfixes for the current Beta version as frequently as possible. Check the Space UI for the latest updates.

With the public release in Q4 2022, we’re planning to release three major versions of Space On-Premises per year, along with several minor releases containing important bug fixes. However, if you’re interested in getting the latest version with all new Space features, we will invite you to try the latest EAP build (a new build is available each month).

Migration from Space Cloud

Migrating from the Space Cloud to Space On-Premises is not currently supported. However, we’re working on the migration path, as it’s important for our customers, and we’re planning to support it in the future.

Feature parity with Space Cloud

Most of the Space features that don’t require hosting on the JetBrains side are automatically available in Space On-Premises, including:

  • Git hosting
  • Code reviews
  • Integration with JetBrains IDEs
  • Issues
  • Issue Boards
  • Documents
  • Package management
  • Chats
  • Mobile clients
  • Desktop client
  • Team management
  • Calendars

However, there are some differences between the Cloud and On-Premises versions, including:

  • Automation: The On-Premises version allows you to connect external workers only.
  • Dev environments are not supported in the Beta version. We’re planning to support them later with the public release.

Space On-Premises Beta is available to everyone now. If you’re ready to give it a try, please don’t hesitate to download it right away.

Since Space On-Premises is in Beta, some features may not work perfectly. At this stage, your feedback is extremely valuable to us. If you encounter any issues when using the On-Premises version, please feel free to submit a support request or create an issue in our issue tracker.

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