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Space Apps Contest: Create Apps and Win Prizes

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Space Apps Contest

Following the release of Space Marketplace, we’d like to invite you to take part in the Space Apps Contest! 

Applications are the main way to extend the functionality of Space, a complete software development platform. With apps in Space, you can adjust the platform to the needs of your team and introduce more advanced workflows into your development process. 

The best thing about apps is that you can benefit from both your own apps in Space and apps created by others via the Space Marketplace.

If you love developing and would like the chance to win prizes, enter our contest, create an application for Space, and upload it to our Marketplace.

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Read this blog post to learn more about Space applications, the contest conditions, and prizes.

What are the contest prizes?

  • First place: $2,000 Amazon gift card.
  • Second place: $1,000 Amazon gift card.
  • Third place: 1-year Space Organization plan subscription for 20 team members and an invitation to the Space Insiders community.
  • Special prize from Space team: Trip to the JetBrains office in Munich.
  • People’s Choice Award: 1-year All Products Pack subscription.

For everyone who registers, you will receive a Sticker pack and a metal Space pin.

For those submitting applications, you will receive a 1-year subscription to a JetBrains IDE for every valid application (What does this mean?) submitted.

How to participate in the contest

Head over to the Contest main page, where you can register. Then develop an application, submit it to the Space Marketplace, and wait for the winners to be announced. 

To learn what Space applications are and how to build them, read this article.

Where to get inspiration

The main idea behind this contest is to create applications that are useful to other Space users. To give you a hint of what sorts of applications our community would appreciate the most, we’ve reviewed the most popular requests in our issue tracker and are happy to share these Space app ideas

What are the contest dates?

  • App submission begins on August 9, 2022.
  • App submission ends on November 7, 2022.
  • The contest results will be announced on November 28, 2022.

How will the winners be chosen?

The winners will be chosen by our jury from the Space team, based on the criteria described below. Apart from the ranked prizes, one participant will be selected to receive the special prize from the Space team.

In addition, the community will be able to vote for their favorite applications. The author of the app with the most votes will receive the People’s Choice award.

Who will be the jury?

Our jury:

Max Mazin Maxim Mazin,

Project Manager in Space

Maxim joined JetBrains in 2006 to work on YouTrack. Since then, he has participated in developing JetBrains team tools as a software engineer and team leader. Currently, he is a project manager and Kotlin full-stack developer in JetBrains Space.

Denis ZakharovDenis Zakharov,

Team Lead in Space Extensibility

Denis is a team lead and full-stack Kotlin developer on the Space Extensibility team at JetBrains. The team’s focus is to enable users to install or develop features that Space doesn’t have out of the box.

Nikolay RykunovNikolay Rykunov,

Project Lead in Space plugin

Nikolay works at JetBrains as a Team Lead of VCS integration in IntelliJ-based IDEs. His team focuses on the maintenance and development of IDE integrations with collaboration tools: JetBrains Space, GitHub, Git, and others.

What are the criteria for selecting winners?

  • Usefulness – Ideally, the application you develop should have a practical, real-world purpose. The more people and teams we think will find your application useful, the more we’ll like it. 
  • Creativity and elegance – We’re really happy when we see innovative thinking and coding that pushes the envelope. You’ll get points depending on how novel, interesting, or groundbreaking your solution is. 
  • Completeness – Your application should attempt to solve a specific problem, and you should make your solution as complete as possible. Don’t leave any obvious gaps in functionality. 

But first and foremost, your application should be valid – please refer to these guidelines

Ready to give it a try? 

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Feel free to ask questions or share your feedback in the comments section below. We can’t wait to try out the applications you create!

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