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Space On-Premises Is Out of Beta

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Today, we’re announcing the general availability of Space On-Premises, a complete and secure software development platform fully managed on your side.

For the past six months in Beta, we have been gathering and processing your feedback. We would like to thank our early adopters for giving Space On-Premises a try, sharing their impressions and thoughts, and reporting issues.

Our team has stabilized the installation process, introduced more features to the On-Premises edition to match Space Cloud, and fixed numerous bugs. We’re happy to release the On-Premises edition out of Beta and introduce the latest version – Space On-Premises 2023.1.

Space On-Premises

Read this blog post to learn more about Space On-Premises, what’s inside, and how to upgrade from Beta.

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Why Choose Space On-Premises?

Space On-Premises is a complete software development platform created for professional teams striving for full control over their data. It allows you to:

  • Manage maintenance and upgrades on your side.
  • Use flexible deployment options that fit your infrastructure.
  • Start with a free plan for up to 10 members.
  • Reduce costs by using one development platform instead of multiple tools.
  • Maintain one well-integrated platform to power both your entire software development pipeline and team collaboration.
  • Customize and extend Space to meet your specific needs, using a rich HTTP API, webhooks, and a client SDK.
  • Rely on native integration between Space and your JetBrains IDEs for a seamless development workflow.

Space On-Premises Installation Options

Space On-Premises comes with two installation options:

  • Space On-Premises for Docker Compose, perfect for a quick trial.
  • Space On-Premises for Kubernetes, suitable for production installations.

Not sure which installation option to use? Check out this article to learn more about Space On-Premises for Docker Compose and Kubernetes.

How to upgrade from On-Premises Beta

Space On-Premises Beta is still ongoing and offers a free license valid until January 31, 2023. 

To upgrade your On-Premises Beta version to the latest 2023.1 version, follow these upgrade instructions.

Space On-Premises Pricing Plans

Space On-Premises is available in three plans, including a free plan for up to 10 members and paid plans starting from $25 per member per month.

Space On-Premises pricing

Space On-Premises features are broken down by plan, similar to the Space Cloud plans. For more details on pricing plans, refer to the Pricing page.

Space On-Premises Features

We’re committed to providing Space On-Premises with the same features available with Space Cloud.

Most of the Space features that don’t require hosting on the JetBrains side are available in Space On-Premises, including:

  • Git hosting
  • Code reviews
  • Integration with JetBrains IDEs
  • Issues
  • Issue boards
  • Documents
  • Package management
  • Chats
  • Mobile clients
  • Desktop clients
  • Team management
  • Calendars

As for Automation, you can run CI/CD jobs using self-hosted and Kubernetes workers.

Dev environments are not currently supported, but we’re working hard to implement them.

What’s New in Space On-Premises 2023.1

Here’s a list of features available in v2023.1 that weren’t part of the Beta 2022.1 version.

Full Automation support in Kubernetes On-Premises

In addition to external workers, Space Automation now supports Kubernetes workers that let you run CI/CD jobs on on-premises Kubernetes. You can create them in your cluster on demand. Learn more about how to use Kubernetes workers.

Guest members in Space

With guest members, you can now bring people from outside your organization to collaborate in Space with limited access to your company data and resources. Invite customers, freelancers, and other external contributors to your project, and customize their access to your resources. Learn more about guest members in Space.

Safe Merge and Dry Run

Add an extra layer of protection to the main branch to ensure that a merge commit doesn’t result in failed builds. Integrate merge requests with one click using the fully automated Safe Merge feature. Configure built-in automation or external commit statuses (such as from TeamCity) to verify changes. Learn more about Safe Merge and Dry Run.

Swimlanes and customizable issue boards

Add swimlanes to your issue boards to speed up your workflow and differentiate tasks.

You can also customize the way your issue cards are displayed on issue boards. Select the attributes you want to see on each card, such as issue ID, due date, status, attachment preview, or other issue fields. Learn more about this update.

Swimlanes and issue boards in Space

Expand Space with Marketplace apps

We’ve introduced a new way to customize Space to meet your team’s needs – Space Marketplace. Download applications for Space, create your own apps, and share them with other people.

Get started by downloading apps provided by JetBrains that allow you to enable Slack link previews in Space and synchronize your Space and Slack channels. Learn more about Space applications.

Manage and share Dart packages in Space

Space Packages now lets you create your own Dart repositories. Use them to store and share Dart packages for your mobile, console, or Flutter projects. Learn about how to publish and manage Dart packages.

Dart packages in Space

App Authorization Playground

The Authorization Playground is an interactive way to learn how app authorization works. Use it to experiment with different authorization flows for your apps right in the Space UI. Learn more about the Playground.

More features

Yet more features are available in Space On-Premises 2023.1: 

  • Enforce two-factor authentication for specific roles.
  • View your Calendar as a monthly schedule.
  • Print, archive, and delete Space documents and save them as PDF.

Learn about all the available features on the What’s New page.

Ready to give it a try? Download Space On-Premises and share your feedback with us:

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