Forthcoming Gradle Support

Java build tools are evolving constantly. Good old tools become better, while new tools appear frequently. One of the new ones, called Gradle, aims to bring together powers of Ant, Maven, Ivy, and spice them up with Groovy language. From the Gradle page you can learn more about its benefits.

If you feel interested in it, you’ll probably like that in TeamCity 6.0 we are going to add full-fledged Gradle support. A tiny piece of Graddle runner has already appeared in the previous TeamCity EAP. Since then we’ve done a lot of improvements:

  • Better failing tests reporting.
  • Correct reporting of tests executed in parallel tasks.
  • Code coverage: activate built-in IntelliJ IDEA code coverage, and get overall and detailed coverage statistic.
  • Build Properties configuration. Use build and agent properties inside your Gradle build.

If you already have a Gradle build, you are likely to be using Gradle-wrapper. Gradle Wrapper support is on its way as well, allowing you to create Gradle build configuration for TeamCity in no time. Just point TeamCity to your version control, mark appropriate checkbox – and you are ready to go! You won’t need to install and configure Gradle runtime distribution to any of your build agents.

Migration to Gradle is rather simple, or almost invisible, e.g. for maven2 builds. Try Gradle runner in the forthcoming EAP and tell us what you think!

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