Early Access Program Features

TeamCity 2018.2 EAP is open

Today we’re releasing the first build of the early access program (EAP) for TeamCity 2018.2.

This version will be interesting for users who are already working or just want to start with TeamCity projects and build configurations using DSL based on the Kotlin language. We now provide a convenient option of viewing the DSL for a build configuration setting right in the UI, which means that when you change the setting, you can see how its Kotlin DSL changes. You can also see the DSL code for the whole build configuration.


We always carefully listen to your feedback and quite a few requests were related to using TeamCity as a NuGet server. Besides support for NuGet Server API v3, this build introduces the ability to specify several NuGet feeds for a project:


The improvements in the TeamCity Rest API now let you work with multiple builds and cancel, delete, pin/unpin, and tag/untag them.

We also continue improving the TeamCity Web UI.

All in all this EAP build addresses about 80 issues; see our release notes for details.

Download Jaipur 2018.2 EAP1 build, and make sure to install it on a trial server: the new version changes the TeamCity data format and the downgrade is not possible.

Our EAP versions come with a 60-day Enterprise evaluation license for an unlimited number of agents and build configurations: you’re welcome to try this build and share your feedback in our  forum or tracker.


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