Early Access Program Features

TeamCity 2018.2 EAP2 is available

We continue working on the new TeamCity version and this EAP build provides the following new features:

  • You can now install plugins directly from the JetBrains repository: no need to download the plugin first and then upload it to your TeamCity instance manually, no need to restart the server.
  • Updating plugin can now be done via the UI: you still need to restart the server.
  • Good news for plugin developers: when installing your plugin or its updates, you do not need to restart your development server.
  • If you are a project administrator and want to restrict your users from changing the project template settings in their build configurations, you can now enforce build steps and build requirements in your project template.
  • This build comes with a new build feature, GitHub Pull Requests, enabling you to choose which pull requests will be built by TeamCity. You can filter PRs by target branch and author.


All in all this EAP build fixes about 50 issues; see our release notes for details.

Download Jaipur 2018.2 EAP2 and install it on a trial server: this is not a production-ready version of TeamCity, it changes the TeamCity data format and the downgrade is not supported.
If you installed the previous TeamCity EAP build, you can easily upgrade with our automatic update.

As with any EAP version, this one comes with a 60-day Enterprise evaluation license for an unlimited number of agents and build configurations.
You’re welcome to try this build and share your feedback in our forum or tracker.

Happy building!

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