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Metadata in Tests

Ever since TeamCity 2018.2, a test run in TeamCity can be associated with some supplementary information (metadata), in addition to a test’s status, execution time, and output. This information can be used to provide things like extra logs, screenshots, numeric values, and tags.

You can now use service messages to report this kind of additional test data in TeamCity and then view it using the TeamCity Web UI. Consult the corresponding documentation for details.

On GitHub, you can find a sample project that demonstrates the use of metadata with tests. In TeamCity, create a project from the URL using this GitHub repository, and then run the build. Once the build completes, on the Tests tab, next to the test name, you will notice a paperclip icon indicating that the test results include additional metadata.


By clicking the icon, you will open a popup displaying the attached metadata. The same information is presented on the build overview screen. Notice that a numeric value renders a 2D-graph from the historical results.


In the demo project, see CodeTest.kt for the examples of the metadata reporting code.

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