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Webinar Recording: What’s New in TeamCity 2020.2

The recording of our January 19 webinar, “What’s New in TeamCity 2020.2”, is now available. In this webinar, Marco Behler, the Developer Advocate in TeamCity, goes over the new features of the latest release and showcases them live.

0:57 External Logins (GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud).
2:25 How to get more out of your agents with agentless build steps.
10:21 Self-expiring access tokens.
12:09 Updates to the new Sakura UI, such as the new Build Dependencies view, the Test History page, search in build log, and the Build Queue page.
17:04 What TeamCity now offers for working with Bitbucket Cloud pull requests.
20:33 How to send the status of your builds to JetBrains Space with the Commit Status Publisher.
25:30 The .NET 5 support in the recently released .NET runner (featuring our guest speaker Matthias Koch).
42:39 How to use the brand-new Python build runner to build your Python projects (featuring our guest speaker Paul Everitt).
57:25 Overview Of All The Features

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About the presenter:

Marco Behler
Marco works as a developer advocate at JetBrains, in Munich, Germany. He loves to share everything he knows about writing and building awesome software – knowledge he acquired from a decade of consulting in the Java and Spring ecosystems – through guides, tweets, books and talks.

Follow Marco on Twitter.

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