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New topics in Plugin SDK documentation

The TeamCity Plugin Contest is ongoing and there is still enough time to write some cool plugins! If you’re already participating, we’ve just added a couple of new articles in our Plugin SDK documentation to make your life a little … Continue reading

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TeamCity 2018.1.1 is here

A month has passed since we published TeamCity 2018.1. During this month we tirelessly processed feedback from you fixing the regressions that we accidentally introduced in 2018.1. We’re very grateful to our users who installed version 2018.1 and reported bugs … Continue reading

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TeamCity 2017.2.3 is available

Yet another TeamCity update is available today. TeamCity 2017.2.3 fixes a few important performance problems, further improves security and provides better integration with Azure Container registry. See our Release Notes for the full list of fixes. The data format of … Continue reading

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Branch specific settings in TeamCity

We’re often asked how to run different build steps in different branches. In fact, this has already been possible in TeamCity for quite some time (since version 9.1), but it seems we need to do a better job explaining how … Continue reading

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Docker integration plugin now available for 2017.1.x

Greetings everyone! As you might already know, TeamCity 2017.2 EAP builds provide new Docker integration features. They are provided by the Docker Support plugin, which is bundled with TeamCity 2017.2 EAP by default. Today we are making this plugin available … Continue reading

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TeamCity 10.0.5 is here

Greetings everyone! Please welcome TeamCity 10.0.5, most likely the last update for the 10.0.x version. This is a bugfix release, which addresses about 70 issues. See the full list of them in our Release Notes. Please note if you’re using … Continue reading

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TeamCity Take on Build Pipelines

Although it is possible to setup  build pipelines in TeamCity, you will not find the term “build pipeline” in the TeamCity web interface or even in our documentation. The reason is that we have our own term: “build chain“, which … Continue reading

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TeamCity 9.1.3 hotfix is available

Hello, everyone! We’ve decided to publish 9.1.3 bugfix release with a fix for critical regression which has been reported to us recently: TW-42498 – As of 9.1.2 having a hashbang in a Command Runner script no longer works. If you … Continue reading

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TeamCity 9.1.1 to the rescue!

Greetings, everyone! Since TeamCity 9.1 was released, several issues requiring a quick fix on our side have been reported to our tracker. The most noticeable of them are: – problems with building .NET 4.6 projects and proper detection of .NET … Continue reading

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TeamCity 9.0.3 is available

Please welcome TeamCity 9.0.3 (build #32334) with more than 150 bugfixes and improvements. We added a couple of new options to projects import to control how import of users and groups should be performed in case of conflicts. With this … Continue reading

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