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Webinar recording: “Code Review Best Practices”

The recording of our webinar “Code Review Best Practices” is now available on JetBrains YouTube channel. In the past we’ve looked at the specifics of what to look for in code review and code review best practices in Upsource, in this webinar recording we take … Continue reading

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Live webinar: Code Review Best Practices

We’ve recently published a screencast highlighting some of the best practices teams may want to keep in mind when approaching code reviews. We’ve also shown how Upsource can help you follow these practices. Given how broad this topic is, we … Continue reading

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Upsource 2018.1.584 is available

The new update comes with a number of bug fixes including a fix to a regression in JIRA integration where it was not possible to enable it for newly created projects (UP-9992). For those of you using the Upsource Integration … Continue reading

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Orderly code reviews in Upsource

Code review like no other development practice relies on humans being efficient. And for most of us to achieve that, it’s important to have our tasks well organized and our time well planned. Upsource takes care of a lot of … Continue reading

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Upsource 2018.1.539 update is out!

In this Upsource update we have made adding revisions to a code review a little easier (UP-9849). Also, a revision’s page now has links to its parent revisions to provide you with more context (UP-9879). The IDE plugin gained the … Continue reading

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Upsource 2018.1 is out!

Good news, everyone – Upsource 2018.1 is here! This release adds a number of frequently requested features to give you even more control over the code review process. It also incorporates brand new versions of IntelliJ IDEA engine, Hub, and … Continue reading

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Upsource 2017.3.2888: security update with functionality for GDPR compliance

This Upsource update addresses a recently discovered security issue and is recommended for all users. Upsource 2017.3.2888 also includes the latest version of Hub (Hub 2018.1). This new version introduces an important feature — “User Agreement”. It is required for … Continue reading

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Upsource 2017.3.2774 update is out!

Please welcome the first Upsource update of the year 2018. It comes packed with bug fixes and improvements. Among major changes we’d like to mention, we have updated the database engine and performed a massive refactoring of the database layer … Continue reading

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Upsource 2017.3

Hi everyone! With holidays just around the corner, we’re happy to bring you one more Upsource update – Upsource 2017.3. The major focus of this release is on updating the core Code Intelligence engine to bring you all the newest … Continue reading

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Upsource 2017.2.2307 update is out

Today we have published a new bug-fix update for Upsource 2017.2 — build 2307. It contains important compatibility fixes for Google Chrome and a number of other fixes. This minor release is recommended for all users. Check out the Release … Continue reading

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