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Orderly code reviews in Upsource

Code review like no other development practice relies on humans being efficient. And for most of us to achieve that, it’s important to have our tasks well organized and our time well planned. Upsource takes care of a lot of … Continue reading

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JIRA Workflows support in Upsource

If you’re using JIRA workflows and have code review as a part of it, you’ll be pleased to find out that Upsource 2017.2 can apply issue transitions automatically. Let’s say you have a JIRA workflow set up that looks something … Continue reading

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NPM support in Upsource 2017.2

In the latest Upsource release we have further extended the reach of JavaScript code intelligence by introducing support for npm and yarn package managers. Upsource will look into your package.json file(s) and install the required dependencies so that you can … Continue reading

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Python support in Upsource

The latest Upsource release brings Python code insight functionality to help developers understand new changes in a familiar manner and be more efficient when reviewing them. The code insight features in Upsource include server-side static code analysis and code-aware navigation. … Continue reading

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Muting a code review in Upsource 2017.2

Let’s say you’ve just fixed a typo in a branch that is undergoing a code review or committed some other minor change. Now, you’ve become one of the authors in this branch review, even though you probably don’t want to … Continue reading

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Code review for .NET projects in Upsource

As you know, Upsource has IntelliJ IDEA at its core which brings IDE-level code insight right into your browser. This helps teams that code in Java, PHP, Python, Kotlin, and JavaScript perform code review in a more efficient manner. This, … Continue reading

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PHP code insight in Upsource 3.5

In the recent release, Upsource 3.5, we have significantly improved PHP code intelligence features announced in the previous release. We’ve added support for composer dependency manager and made it possible to explicitly specify external dependencies. In Upsource 3.5 you can … Continue reading

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Distributed Upsource Installation

We are delighted to announce that with the latest release Upsource has reached an entirely new level of scalability. In the last few months, we have revised and reworked Upsource’s architecture. As a result of this work, we are now … Continue reading

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Code review workflows

Code review workflows are as diverse as teams that use them. Some teams are flexible and review only certain commits as they see fit, others have more formal criteria of what should be reviewed, by whom, and how the outcome … Continue reading

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Upsource Analytics: Project Structure Reports

In the previous post we have talked about the Analytics reports representing contribution and code review activity. Today we’d like to cover the two remaining reports, Project Treemap and File History Chart. They both focus more on exploring the project … Continue reading

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