YouTrack news: new EAP build and feature freeze

Hello, everyone! Today we have two major news for you.
First, we have published the new EAP build (build #664) for YouTrack Daring. You probably already know that if you follow us on twitter. What you don’t know yet is that with this EAP build we’ve completed general development of custom fields. All planned functionality has been implemented, and now we’re polishing details. Check back soon for a detailed post on custom fields.

As for the EAP, check the Release notes, download the build, give a try to all new features and feel free to post your feedback and questions on our forum and issue tracker.

Moving on to the second item we’ve got for you today: With today’s EAP we announce a feature freeze for YouTrack Daring. We’re now focused solely on enhancing, improving, testing and fixing. The feature freeze means we’re on the homestretch to release the new version, so stay tuned for updates!

Track with pleasure!
JetBrains YouTrack team