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Latest Update (as of December 8th, 2011):
YouTrack InCloud is released and is free to use all winter! We’ve also updated the pricing and extended a free plan up to 9 user accounts.
Check the official YouTrack InCloud Pricing:

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Latest Update (as of August 16th, 2011):
We’ve extended a free beta period for YouTrack Hosted until Fall 2011. Enjoy hosted bug tracking free even longer! And it’s not it, we’ve also made some changes to the YouTrack Hosted pricing.
Please take a look

Package Included Disk Space Monthly Price Yearly Price
Up to 3 Users/3000 Issues 1 GB FREE FREE
Up to 10 Users + 50 Reporters 10 GB $7 per user $70 per user
Up to 25 Users+ 250 Reporters 20 GB $149 $1,499
Up to 50 Users+500 Reporters 50 GB $249 $2,499
Up to 100 Users+1000 Reporters 50 GB $399 $3,999
Up to 500 Users+5000 Reporters 50 GB $599 $5,999

We will also offer additional 50% OFF Yearly billing! Hurry up, get your YouTrack Hosted now!

YouTrack hosted release is just a few months away, and YouTrack hosted is still in beta and available free until July 1, 2011. Official pricing for this offering will be published on our website in early May, but we’re ready to give you a ‘heads-up’ with some tentative pricing details. So here goes:

Package Included Disk Space Monthly Price Annual Price
Up to 3 Users/3000 Issues 1 GB FREE FREE
Up to 10 Users 10 GB $99 $999
Up to 25 Users 20 GB $199 $1,999
Up to 50 Users 50 GB $299 $2,999
Up to 100 Users 50 GB $399 $3,999
Up to 200 Users 50 GB $599 $5,999

YouTrack hosted will be available to enterprise customers as well. If you would like us to host more than 200 user accounts, please contact us and we’ll provide a solution tailored to your special needs.

Sign up for YouTrack Hosted now and enjoy all the benefits of hosted issue tracking with YouTrack:

  • Full YouTrack functionality + all new features
  • Daily backups
  • Import from other bug trackers using our Python Client Library
  • Automatic migration to hosted production
  • No-effort migration to standalone YouTrack using hosted db backup
  • RESTful API for integration with third party tools

You Track. We Host!
– JetBrains Youtrack Team

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