YouTrack 4.0.2 Is Out!

We are pleased to announce that YouTrack 4.0.2 has just been released! This minor release contains multiple useful bug fixes, as well as couple of new Agile Board features.
With YouTrack 4.0.2 now you can:

  • Choose a Version field to indicate sprints on the board, i.e. it can be either Affected version, Fix version or any other Version field you might have in your project.
  • Copy shared States bundle: let a user know that the changes made to the Agile Board columns affect other projects that use the same bundle of States, and let a user create a copy of States bundle to use only for the current project.
  • Disable Agile Board for the project.
  • Visually see when the work on specific feature/user story is completed. When all the tasks related to a swimlane are moved to the resolved (Fixed/Done) column, the issue id that represents a swimlane will be struck out.
    For more details, please check the release notes. Download the latest YouTrack 4.0.2 or sign up for YouTrack InCloud in no time to enjoy the newest YouTrack!
    If you are already using YouTrack InCloud, your site is already updated to the latest 4.0.2 version, according to our Events & Maintenance Calendar.

    Keep tracking with pleasure!
    JetBrains YouTrack Team

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