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JetBrains takes part in many events during a calendar year and in addition to making a public events calendar available soon, we thought it’s a good idea to let you know a little bit more about some of the larger events we’ll be attending and what teams you can expect to see there as well as any other potential activities taking place.

And what better event to start with than Agile 2012 which takes place August 13th to 17th in Dallas, Texas.

Coinciding with the recent release of YouTrack 4.0 and TeamCity 7.1, members of both these teams will be present at Agile 2012.

Just to remind, YouTrack 4.0 has introduced the Agile Board which offers teams that are working using methodologies such as Scrum or Lean to define visually their tasks and allow for more graphical interaction.

TeamCity 7.1 has also introduced new features to allow teams to work in better ways by introducing first class support for Feature Branching, which reduces potential breakages of builds and allows for a more fluid development process.

If you’re going to be at Agile, make sure you stop by our booth next week to learn more about how these new additions can help you and your team, and say Hi to some of the YouTrack team members. We’d love to meet you and have a chat!

JetBrains Team

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Valerie Andrianova is YouTrack, Hub and Upsource Product Marketing Manager at JetBrains. Her professional interests include issue & bug tracking, project and task management, agile methodologies and team collaboration. Apart from work, she cannot imagine her life without live music, quirky books and lattes with those cute little foam hearts.
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