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YouTrack 2017 Roadmap Retrospective

Retrospective@2xHi everyone!

Last year, we published a Roadmap for 2017 and we are happy to share the results with you.

First, we’ve fully switched to continuous delivery and enabled experimental features functionality. This approach let us to get your feedback before the features were fully released and helped us improve those features before they went public.

Here is the list of features from the roadmap that were released in 2017.


We completely retired the MPS-based workflow editor and released a built-in web-based workflow editor which lets you write workflows in JavaScript. We also published packages to the npm platform that let you manage YouTrack workflows in your own development environment.


User Profile

We completely redesigned the user profile page. Now you can manage your general settings, notification preferences, tags, and saved searches all in one place.

User profile

Current Sprint

With this feature, you can assign issues to the ongoing sprint and filter for issues that are assigned to the current sprint when you create reports, search for issues, and use commands on the board.

Full Page View

We had an ambitious list of enhancements for full page view on the roadmap for 2017. While we didn’t deliver all of them, we made a lot of progress. Many of the features that will be supported when the next version of this view is released have already been made available.

  • Downloading attachments as a ZIP archive — this functionality is already available when you open an issue in view mode on an agile board.
  • Activity Stream — released as an experimental feature. When enabled, all changes that are applied to an issue are displayed as a single feed with filters that let you select which types of changes are displayed.
  • Markdown Support — released as an experimental feature in YouTrack 2017.4. When enabled, you can format text in issue descriptions, comments, and work items in Markdown syntax. This feature will become public in 2018.

YouTrack Mobile

We made several improvements to YouTrack Mobile app, adding support for votes and stars.

Other Enhancements

These were the features that we published in the roadmap and delivered in 2017, but that’s not all we worked on last year. Other major improvements we released last year include:

  • Project-based swimlanes
  • Improved Kanban support
  • Personal board template
  • Estimation reports
  • Sort by relevance in search results
  • Date and time custom fields
  • Muted notifications
  • Text indexing for issue fields
  • Shared mailbox support
  • Advanced visibility options
  • Time report improvements
  • Zendesk integration improvements
  • Japanese localization
  • Credentials management
  • Search by time tracking
  • Permanent tokens
  • Updated UI for permissions
  • New OAuth 2.0 authentication modules
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Authentication throttling
  • Redefined project teams

Thank you for your feedback, it really helped us to make YouTrack better. To get the latest updates, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter.