YouTrack 2018 Q1 & Q2 Roadmap Retrospective

Last January, we published a Roadmap for Q1 and Q2 2018. Here’s a look back at what we managed to deliver in the past six months and a little insight into our plans for features that didn’t quite make it out the door.

2018 Retrospective

Most of the features that we shared in our last roadmap are available for use in the latest version of YouTrack. We hope that you have put them all to good use. So far this year, we’ve released the following major features:

  • Conditional custom fields
  • Per-user localization
  • Custom widgets
  • User agreement and other GDPR-related features

As an agile team, we don’t limit ourselves to the features on the roadmap. We always look for opportunities to implement other improvements. This provides developers who aren’t involved with a feature from the roadmap with something engaging to work on. We also reassess our priorities on a regular basis to address compelling requests for additional functionality.

In addition to the features from the roadmap, we managed to squeeze in a few extras:

The YouTrack App for Slack

We love working with this app and hope you do too! Now we get notifications and issue link previews and can even create issue drafts in the same application that we use for team collaboration.


We released the first iteration of the app in Q2 and will continue to extend its functionality over the course of the year.

Updates for Custom Fields

We delivered a few minor updates for custom fields that had been requested by several users.

  • We changed the configuration options for custom fields so you can require values for fields in new issues without using a workflow.
  • We also added new sort options for the set of values in a custom field. This change not only liberates project leads from the burden of sorting values manually, it helps you get predictable results when you search for issues with a range of values.

Speaking of searching with a range…

Open Ranges in Search Queries

We heard a significant outcry for the implementation of this feature and managed to deliver it shortly after the initial release of YouTrack 2018.2. It’s now possible to search for issues with queries that answer questions like:

    • In which issues is the total spent time greater than one day? For example: Spent time: 8h1m .. *
    • How many feature requests have fifty votes or more? For example: Type: Feature #Unresolved votes: 50 .. *
    • Which issues were fixed in builds that are newer than the currently released build? For example: #Resolved Fixed in builds: .. *

We hope it helps you find the issues that you need to see even faster.

Notification-related Improvements

We also managed to finish a few small features that give you more control over the notifications that are generated by YouTrack:

  • We added a property that mutes notifications for changes that are applied by on-schedule rules in workflows.
  • We made it possible to disable notifications for time tracking events.

Together, these should help you keep your inbox junk-free.

The Ones that Got Away… for Now

There’s a handful of features from our previous roadmap that aren’t quite implemented yet.

Full Page View

In our 2018.1 release, we made this feature available on an experimental basis. Since then, we collected tons of feedback and made incremental improvements to the design. There are still minor issues that we want to resolve before we retire the old view, but we’re already making it available to new subscribers. We will release it publicly later this year.

We did manage to apply the same design to the page for creating new issues and make that available on an experimental basis as well. We’ll bundle changes to the issue creation page with the public release of the new view for single issues.


If you haven’t enabled the experimental views in your instance or installation yet, make the switch today.

Project Overview

This feature just wasn’t ready in time for our 2018.2 release. In the meantime, we took a step back and worked out the kinks. We completed all of the outstanding tasks and fixed the remaining bugs. We plan to deliver this feature in our 2018.3 release.



We didn’t manage to publish the documentation for the latest version of our REST API quite yet. It’s a work in progress. We look forward to making it available just as soon as it’s ready.

As always, we thank you for sharing your feedback. You help us prioritize the features that we take for development in each of our sprints.

Stay tuned as we reveal our plans for Q3 & Q4 2018. To keep up with the latest news and events, subscribe to our blog and follow us on Twitter.

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