Discontinuing the Old Workflow Editor Starting from YouTrack 2018.3

If you are working with YouTrack workflows in a separate workflow editor that supports a domain-specific language instead of JavaScript, we are here to inform you that we will discontinue supporting it starting from 2018.3. YouTrack 2018.3 will require all new workflows to be written in JavaScript.

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A year has passed since we introduced the new built-in workflow editor with JavaScript workflows to YouTrack. We have had a lot of feedback from users and have continuously worked on improving the workflows API, adding new methods to the JavaScript workflows to give you even greater control over when and how you can update issues. That’s why we have decided that it’s time for the old editor to go.

We will continue to support the older workflows that were written in an external editor through to the first YouTrack release in 2019. After that though, we will only be supporting workflows in JavaScript.

To ensure that your old workflows work exactly as they used to before, we recommend that you rewrite them in JavaScript. Please use our Workflow Tutorial if you are not familiar with JavaScript, or you can dive straight in with our JavaScript Workflow Reference and the YouTrack Workflow API.

If you don’t have time to rewrite your workflows from scratch, you can also use a web-based tool to convert workflows written in domain-specific languages into JavaScript. Please refer to our documentation for more details.

Please reach out to us if you have any difficulties with the workflows, we are here to help!
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