YouTrack is now free for teams of 10! All the good news you need to know about the upcoming price change

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We’ve introduced a few changes in YouTrack InCloud per-user subscription pricing to make it better, effective today.

  • YouTrack InCloud is now free for all teams of up to 10 users.
  • For teams of 10+ users, the starting monthly price per user is reduced from $5 to $4.40. The discount increases as you add users. On top of that, with the annual subscription, you save 2 months’ worth of costs (16%) every year.
  • Disk space has increased from 1 GB to 3 GB per user.

There are also upcoming changes to Standalone plans effective August 1, 2020. All current standalone customers are welcomed to use a special offer to renew their subscription with the current prices for as long as they need.

We are actively working on delivering features according to the roadmap, and we’re planning to continue our tradition of including all the functionality in the active license subscriptions and free plans with no additional charge.

Please read on to learn the details you need to know about the pricing change.


YouTrack InCloud

YouTrack is now free for all teams of up to 10 users. The free plan for YouTrack InCloud now covers up to 10 users with up to 30 GB storage available in total. With the free plan, all of YouTrack’s functionality is available to you. This includes private projects, which let you control who has access to your issues and projects. The only difference is the custom logo, which is only enabled in paid plans.

Existing customers on per-user plans are included. All existing customers using the YouTrack InCloud Free plan with up to 3 users have been switched to the new 10-user Free plan automatically. All existing customers using paid subscriptions with 10 users or fewer in their subscription have been switched to the new Free plan as well, and they will no longer pay for their 10 users.

For teams of 10+ users, the starting monthly price per user is reduced from $5 to $4.40 with the InCloud monthly subscription. If you opt for the annual subscription, you can save 2 months’ worth of costs (16%) every year on top of that.

The total cost is easier to calculate. No more tiers in price-per-user plans. Your price-per-user depends entirely on the number of users in your subscription package. The monthly price is calculated as the per-user rate multiplied by the number of users. As the number of users in your subscription package increases, the per-user rate is discounted and the total cost of your subscription is recalculated to account for the reduced rate.

As an example, let’s imagine you sign up for a monthly subscription package with 99 users. With 99 users, the monthly rate is $4.40 per user, which amounts to a total monthly price of $435.60. Now imagine that you add an additional user to your subscription package. When you add this 100th user, the per-user rate decreases from $4.40 to $4.39, and your total monthly payment equals $439.00 ($4.39 multiplied by 100).

Adding new users to your monthly or annual subscription also comes with the reduced price, if the total number of users in this subscription reaches the point where the price per user is decreased. Imagine you initially have 50 users in your subscription, which is $4.40 per user monthly. Then, in a specific month, you need to add more users, up to 100. With a monthly subscription, your total cost becomes $4.39 times 100 users, or $439.00. With an annual subscription for 50 users, all the additional users added this month will be calculated using the reduced cost, that is, $4.39 times 50 added users, or $219.50.

Check what your costs might be by using our handy calculator.

Disk space has increased from 1 GB to 3 GB per user. Each user in your free plan or in a price-per-user subscription now adds 3 GB of disk space to your YouTrack instance. Free plan with up to 10 users allows 30 GB of disk space with an additional 3 GB added with each user in your paid subscription. If you use storage more actively than you do user accounts, you will be asked to add more users to your subscription.

These changes are effective May 14, 2020. Once your plan is switched to a new Free plan with up to 10 users, there is no need to cover the unpaid orders for 10 users and fewer with your monthly or annual subscription. Storage space is added automatically to your instance as well.

Existing customers with subscriptions including packages of users: If you currently have a subscription package to the old YouTrack InCloud, with payments per packages of users, you will be able to maintain your plan for as long as you wish. You will not be required to switch to the per-user pricing model. That being said, we still invite you to switch to the new per-user subscription model, and we are offering an additional 3 free months if you sign up for the annual billing option!

You can find new information about your InCloud subscription in the Global Settings of your YouTrack instance. Your subscription details will be updated once your version of YouTrack is upgraded to build 2020.1.5557, which should happen in accordance with our Maintenance calendar.

YouTrack Standalone

YouTrack Standalone remains free for up to 10 users. For larger teams, there are now packages of 25, 50, 100, 500, and 2000 users available.

On August 1, 2020, we will introduce new pricing for new Standalone customers:

  • More package options will be available for various numbers of users: 15, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750, 1000, 2000, and 10000. The price for a new standalone license including a 1-year upgrade and support subscription will be close to, or a little bit less than, the cost of the annual subscription in the InCloud model for the same number of users.
  • Subscription renewal for each new year will be available at 50% off the new license price.

Here are the upcoming Standalone subscription prices in USD:


Users New License, $ Subscription Renewal, $
15 600 300
25 1,100 550
50 2,000 1,000
100 4,000 2,000
250 9,000 4,500
500 12,000 6,000
750 14,000 7,000
1 000 16,000 8,000
2 000 20,000 10,000

Enterprise prices for 2000+ users are available upon request. Please contact our sales team.


We believe that existing customers should have the option to keep using the plan they had subscribed to.

Existing customers who will have an active standalone subscription by August 1, 2020, will be able to renew their subscriptions with their current plan within the renewal dates for as long as they wish.

Special offer for all customers who once purchased a Standalone subscription and did not renew it by its respective due date: you are welcome to renew your subscription before August 1, 2020, on the following terms:

  • If your license expired more than one year ago, your new subscription is available at 15% off the new license price. The renewed subscription will be extended for one year from the purchase date.
  • If your license expired less than a year ago, your new subscription is available at 30% off the new license price. The renewed subscription will be prolonged for one year from the previous license expiration date.

If your subscription is active by August 1, 2020, you will be able to renew it based on the current price plan for as long as you want.

After August 1, 2020, new subscriptions and renewals after the due date will be available only with the new price plans.

Learn more

Please do not hesitate to contact our sales team with any questions regarding your subscriptions, or check out the InCloud FAQ or Standalone FAQ for additional information.

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