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“Your Summer YouTrack” Playlist

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"Your summer YouTrack"
8 features we love + bonus track

Enjoy our curated summer playlist with hidden gems from this year – small features that brighten up our customers’ days.


Video Album/Release Arena/Stage Watch
1. Imagine all the… Reactions 2020.1 Notification Center Play
2. I Don’t Want To Miss An Unresolved Issue 2020.3 Issues List Play
3. Another Clone In The Wall 2020.2 Issue Page Play
4. Knowledge Base Rhapsody 2020.2 Knowledge Base Play
5. The Dark Side of the Workspace 2020.2 Profile Page Play
6. The Commands Of Silence 2020.1 Issues List Play
7. Sweet Agile Board O’Mine 2020.2 Agile Boards Play
8. Old Time Tracking Rock’n’Roll 2020.3 Dashboards Play
Bonus track
9. Live YouTrack Demonstration and Q&A session Online event Play


1. “Imagine all the… Reactions”. Add reactions to the comments

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2. “I Don’t Want To Miss An Unresolved Issue”. Hide resolved issues in one click

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3. “Another Clone In The Wall”. Clone issue as a draft

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4. “Knowledge Base Rhapsody”. Use embedded media in your Knowledge Base

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5. “The Dark Side of the Workspace”. Switch between light and dark themes

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6. “The Commands Of Silence”. Apply commands silently

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7. “Sweet Agile Board O’Mine”. Create Agile Boards in seconds

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8. “Old Time Tracking Rock’n’Roll”. Add new time tracking widget to your dashboards

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Bonus track

YouTrack Live:
full live video from the YouTrack Online Demonstration & a backstage recording of the Q&A session

Duration: 2:00:00
Arena: Online Event
Watch the live recording: https://info.jetbrains.com/youtrack-webinar-august-2020.html

The playlist is available with all the other features in the YouTrack free plan for any team of up to 10 users.

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