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Watch on demand the YouTrack Administration Essentials Demo

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Watch on demand the online demo for YouTrack Administrators. You can see in action how to set up and adjust YouTrack to manage your team tasks and projects, and to play nice for the needs of your team and the whole company. The demo is followed by a live Q&A session.

You’ll get an overview of how to:

  • Create and set up projects for various teams
  • Make sure project settings and YouTrack workflows reflect your business processes
  • Manage user roles so that every team member gets the most of YouTrack
  • Set up integrations with external tools
  • Create and manage Agile boards that follow your team’s processes
  • Prepare a Knowledge Base for external customers and your team members
  • Enable time tracking
  • Work with reports and set up dashboards

Watch the recording to see how your team can get ahead of the game!

What? ‘YouTrack Administration Essentials’ online demo event.

When? The sessions took place on October 1st, 2020. The recording is avaliable now.

Who is this event for?

We shared real examples of how YouTrack can be adjusted to the needs of IT Teams, Customer Support, Product and Project management, marketing and design, HR, legal, and administrative teams.

There really is something here for everyone. New YouTrack Administrators will get a thorough introduction to YouTrack Administration for getting started. Experienced Administrators can get up to speed on all the latest developments and might find the answers on how to adjust YouTrack to the scenarios of various departments in their organization. Managers will be able to see examples of how YouTrack can be implemented to help manage and organize diverse teams.

If you haven’t tried YouTrack yet but you’re looking for a project management tool to fit your processes, this is a great opportunity to get a demo of YouTrack’s diverse capabilities and see how it can be adapted to your team’s needs.

Please follow the link to watch the event recording.

Watch the session in English

Watch the session in Russian

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