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Do You Speak Math? So Does YouTrack!

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Thousands of academic institutions and students across the globe use YouTrack for software development and project management courses, as well as in research. If you’re working in this field and searching for a tool that, like you and your colleagues or your fellow students, speaks the language of mathematics, look no further than YouTrack.

LaTeX notation support 

YouTrack has recently added support for math formulas, which should be useful for math and technical students, project teams, and instructors. YouTrack’s text editor supports LaTeX notation for equations and formulas, so you can add and edit LaTeX equations and formulas directly in YouTrack tasks, articles, and comments. 

Say you have a mathematical formula formatted in LaTeX, and you need to show it in a YouTrack issue or an article. All you need to do is to put it inside a fenced code block and specify LaTeX as the language. YouTrack will recognize the LaTeX markup and render the formula for you.

When you edit an issue in YouTrack Classic, you can see the rendered formula in the preview. After you save your changes, the issue displays the rendered output.

When you edit an article or an issue in YouTrack Lite, you can see a preview of the rendered formula in Visual mode.

YouTrack uses the KaTeX library for processing LaTeX formulas. For the full list of supported symbols and functions, see the library reference.

How to get YouTrack for educational projects

If your research project or educational institution isn’t using YouTrack yet, here’s how you can take advantage of our various offers.

Free for small teams 

YouTrack is always free for small teams of up to 10 users, which is often enough for small student projects. We recommend starting with the cloud version, so you can get a fully set-up instance in 2 minutes and can start experimenting with math formulas and other features you need to collaborate on your project.

Get YouTrack for free

Free for classrooms in educational institutions

Classroom licenses for educational institutions are also available free of charge. Universities, colleges, schools, and non-commercial educational organizations can get YouTrack in their classrooms for free.

Apply for a free YouTrack Classroom license

50% off for universities and educational organizations

Universities and accredited educational institutions can receive a 50% discount on commercial subscriptions for developing their internal projects and applications. Please contact our sales team to request a free quote.

Request a 50% discount

If you have any questions about how to use YouTrack in your educational or research projects, feel free to contact our team. We’re here to help!