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Watch the “YouTrack Project Management: Essentials for Getting Started” Online Demo

In this YouTrack webinar recording, you’ll get an overview of how to manage your tasks and projects easily, work with your team’s Agile boards, use powerful time tracking, create Gantt charts effectively, and see what’s going on with reports and dashboards.

We’ve included real examples of how JetBrains YouTrack can organize teamwork and bring diverse teams together in a single collaborative environment for software development, customer support, product and project management, marketing and design, HR, legal, and administrative teams.

There really is something for everyone! New users can get a thorough introduction to YouTrack, while experienced users can get up to speed on all of the latest developments, including Gantt сharts and Timesheets. Those in management roles will be able to see examples of how YouTrack can be implemented to help manage and organize diverse teams.

Watch the webinar recording


0:00 – Intro
3:28 – Online Demo starts: YouTrack Projects page
5:45 – Managing the Knowledge Base
8:55 – Working with issues and tasks
14:55 – Issue List
17:40 – Workflows
26:05 – Interactive Gantt chart
28:55 – Agile Boards
32:44 – Intro to VCS and Space integrations
34:55 – Tracking time with IDE plugin and in YouTrack directly
36:37 – Timesheets
38:00 – Reports in YouTrack
39:14 – Dashboards
42:25 – Helpdesk preview
46:00 – Prices and ways to get started easily
50:00 – Q&A session

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