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YouTrack Roadmap 2023

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As we kick off the new year, we’d like to share an updated roadmap and highlight YouTrack’s long-term goals for the future. Thanks to our dedicated users, YouTrack’s customer base has been growing rapidly worldwide, and we’re committed to making an even more powerful tool for teams across industries.

Our product commitment and aspirations

Last year, we shared our 2022 roadmap and long-term plans, and we’re happy to report that our vision has been well received, so our product commitment stands.

YouTrack is on the road to becoming a universal tool for teams in software development and IT departments, product and project management, marketing, finance, administration, and many other spheres, one that allows you to work, collaborate, and communicate your way.

Our long-term plan is to keep developing YouTrack to address a broader range of use cases, from simple task management for small and medium-sized companies to coordinating complex projects for large enterprises.

We’re committed to giving you the freedom to choose where your applications and data are hosted. That’s why we’re continuing to develop YouTrack Cloud and Server in tandem, so teams can easily migrate between cloud and on-premises hosting when needed.

What we’re working on in 2023


First up, we’re introducing a dedicated Helpdesk solution for teams that do external customer support or manage internal requests. The new Helpdesk projects will streamline the work of support agents and make collaboration between them and other colleagues – contributors in the organization – a breeze.

You’ll be able to manage your support flow in Helpdesk with a separate flexible licensing model on a price-per-agent basis with additional free reporter capacity included in the subscription. 

Helpdesk will come with a streamlined view for support agents to work on requests, publish external and internal comments, and create templates for replies, as well as workflows for managing custom support service-level agreements.

There also will be a customizable feedback form for reporters to submit their tickets. The form will be ready to use for embedding on external web pages or portals.

Knowledge Base

We’re focusing on making the Knowledge Base more robust with redesigned search and navigation options, tags for articles, and improved collaboration features. Plus, YouTrack will start to deliver notifications about Knowledge Base activity to the Notification Center and all other notification channels.

Workflow Constructor

With the popularity of project automations steadily increasing, we’re further expanding the rules available in the Workflow Constructor, providing more access to the power of workflows without requiring you to write JavaScript code.

Making YouTrack more intuitive and user-friendly

We’re constantly working on making it easier to find and organize tasks and projects. In 2023, we’ll try to introduce any changes gradually to ensure that the user experience doesn’t change significantly. We want to make sure that for all of our customers, daily YouTrack routines won’t require significant additional learning or administrator support.

Nevertheless, with the addition of new modules, such as Timesheets, Gantt charts, and Helpdesk projects, YouTrack is becoming a platform for many members of various teams. We’re looking into providing such teams with additional ways to organize their work more conveniently in a new layout.

Interface localizations

We’ll be adding Turkish language support to the list of unofficial localizations provided by community contributors and curated by JetBrains. We have plans to add more localizations beyond the current 15, based on user demographics and demand.

History Browser report

The History Browser report lets you see the volume of issues that matched a search query over time and enables you to drill down to view exactly when search results and individual issues appeared.

Agile boards

Our plans for Agile boards include simpler configuration, improvements for working with backlogs, and card customization.

Text recognition

This feature will allow you to instantly grab text from attached images, such as screenshots of system information windows.

If you followed our release plans last year, you’d notice that some of these features are things that we announced in 2022. These are the aspects the team is currently continuing to work on, so we included them in this year’s roadmap.

Broad goals for 2023 and beyond

Our long-term plan for YouTrack is to continue improving its flexibility so more teams are able to work in the ways they are already accustomed to and can enjoy the transparency or efficiency boost from bringing their projects to life with YouTrack.

Apps for more customization

Many teams are now migrating to YouTrack from other project management tools, so we want to make YouTrack more customizable for them and also encourage technical and consulting partners to create and share apps for YouTrack.

We also plan to bundle some of these apps into YouTrack and provide them by default. For example, we plan to implement the Zapier integration in the apps section as a way to automate your business processes.

More planning tools

To help teams with complex projects, we’re looking to provide additional planning options. We already offer interactive Gantt charts, which we plan to enhance further, and we’ll add dedicated planning boards and roadmapping tools, among other things.

Simpler administration

We are planning to streamline the administration of teams, apps, and project customizations. Specifically, we’re going to re-design the experience for administrators, making it easier to set up custom fields and making the workflow administration process more transparent. Enhanced project templates are also a part of the streamlining effort.

YouTrack for large organizations

We will be focused on cloud stability, performance, and fault tolerance, among other things. For our customers, this means that YouTrack Cloud will be able to handle more data with speed, grace, and reliability. We’re making our cloud better so it can match the ever-growing business demands.

As for YouTrack Server, we’re working on adding support for multi-node installations, which will provide enhanced performance and availability at scale.

Please keep in mind that these plans constitute our current vision and that it might change when we delve deeper into specific customer scenarios.

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Every year, we get thousands of requests from you that inspire us to look for ways to make YouTrack better for teams. Thank you for choosing YouTrack, and we look forward to working with you on the new features.

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