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AppCode 2021.1: Standalone Swift Package Manager Projects, Performance Improvements, Automatic Cross-Resolve for the Kotlin/Native Plugin, and More

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Please welcome our first update this year – AppCode 2021.1!


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Swift Package Manager

AppCode now opens standalone SPM projects even without an .xcodeproj file, same as CLion:

Swift Package Manager

In addition, code entities from Objective-C and local SPM packages are now correctly resolved.

Kotlin/Native Plugin

As we wrote before, the Kotlin/Native plugin for AppCode got a major update: cross-resolve between Kotlin and Objective-C/Swift now works automatically and no longer requires rebuilding the project.



IDE performance is always a key area of focus for us in the AppCode team. In AppCode 2021.1 we’ve decreased the time it takes to open large projects once the initial indexing and caching are finished.

Trusted Projects

Another important change for all JetBrains IDEs is the concept of trusted projects, which are designed to mitigate the risks associated with opening projects from unknown and untrusted sources. You can read about it in detail in this blog post.

Swift on Windows in CLion

The AppCode and CLion teams have a long history of collaboration. For example, C++ support was implemented in AppCode first and was later reused when JetBrains created CLion. We work together closely on different IDE features, and Swift was no exception.

In December 2015, we decided that the best IDE for cross-platform usage of Swift will be CLion as it’s already available on different OSes. So we created the first version of the Swift plugin to make it possible to write Swift applications on Linux. This plugin’s functionality essentially amounts to the Swift support from AppCode.

Initially, the plugin worked with the CMake project model, but in 2018 we implemented support for the Swift Package Manager project model, which was reused later in AppCode.

And finally, the Swift plugin for CLion is now available on Windows:

Swift on Windows

Version Control

As usual, a heap of VCS improvements is included in AppCode 2021.1, thanks to the IntelliJ Platform team: improved pull requests support, Git commit templates, profiles for pre-commit inspections, and even more.

That’s mostly it. After a short break, we’ll get working on the next major release – stay tuned, and don’t miss AppCode 2021.2!

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