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CLion 2023.2 EAP3: CMake Parameter Info and Register View

CLion 2032.2 Early Access Program is up and running, bringing many of the exciting improvements and changes planned in our roadmap. Today we’re excited to share that a new CLion 2023.2 EAP build is ready for you to try.

Build 232.7295.14 is available from our website, via the Toolbox App, or as a snap package if you are using Ubuntu. Update via patch if you are using the previous EAP build.


The main highlights of this build:

CMake Parameter Info

The Parameter Info popup shows signature variants as you type and is now available for CMake commands:

CMake parameter info

This helps you figure out which parameter to enter next, especially in case of commands that have multiple variants. Check out this page to learn about this and other CMake coding assistance features.

Inspecting register values during debug

Low-level debugging is easier when you have the ability to inspect the registers of the current frame. CLion now provides this! Together with the disassembly, memory, and peripherals views, this feature helps developers to get a better and deeper understanding of what’s going on in their code. This is especially useful in embedded debugging.

Register view

There are two ways to view the registers in the debugger tool window, in the Variables tab:

  1. When you open the disassembly view, CLion automatically adds the Registers node to the Variables view for you.
  2. Otherwise, call Show Registers from the context menu in the Variables tab.

By default, CLion shows registers from the first register set. You can select register sets using the Register sets sub-menu in the context menu of the Variables tab. The values are shown in hex, and the alternative values (for example, floating values for the floating-point registers) are shown nearby in gray.

Note that registers and register sets are provided by the underlying debugger and are thus different in GDC and LLDB.

User Experience

For v2023.2, we’ve refined the user experience with the Light theme by introducing the alternate Light with Light Header option, featuring matching light colors for window headers, tooltips, and notification balloons.

Light theme

We’ve expanded the customization options for the new UI’s main toolbar. You can now use a dropdown menu to quickly choose actions that you want to add to the toolbar. To do so, right-click on any widget, select Add to Main Toolbar, and explore the available options.

Add to toolbar

GitLab integration

CLion and other IntelliJ-based IDEs introduce initial integration with GitLab in v2023.2, allowing you to work with the Merge Request functionality right from the IDE, thus streamlining your development workflow.

Other improvements

  • The new bundled MinGW toolchain brings GCC 13.1.0.
  • A Console tab was added to the vcpkg tool window to show all commands and output from them.

The full release notes are available here.


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