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CLion opens 2018.3 EAP: initial remote dev support, unit testing performance improvements, and new Search Everywhere and Run anything dialogs

Today we are starting the new CLion 2018.3 Early Access Program! There are big plans for this release, and we will do our best to achieve as much as possible. We welcome all of you to give the new features … Continue reading

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CLion 2018.1.4 update

Upd. CLion 2018.1.5 (181.5281.33) is released! Patch-updates are available from v2018.1.4 and v2018.1.3. The bug-fix update fixes a critical issue with the Register dialog (IDEA-193747). CLion 2018.1.4 (181.5281.26) is now available! You can update using: Toolbox App, in the IDE: … Continue reading

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CLion 2017.2 EAP: fixes in C++ parser and Clang-Tidy integration, C++17 in the New Project wizard and more

Hi, Meet our new CLion 2017.2 EAP (build 172.3095.8)! Clang-Tidy integration improvements CLion 2017.2 EAP started with the Clang-Tidy integration. Clang-Tidy warnings are shown the same way as CLion’s own built-in code inspections. Similarly you can use Alt+Enter to apply … Continue reading

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