DataGrip 2017.3 EAP 3

Hi there! In this post, I’ll tell you all about what our team has been up to and what the latest EAP build has in store for DataGrip 2017.3.

SQL generator

Press Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+G or choose Context menu → SQL Scripts → SQL Generator… and get the generated DDL of any object (table, schema, procedure, whatever) or even several objects simultaneously.


Paste multiple rows from an external source

We were asked to implement pasting from Excel tables. Generally to do this, it means that we need the ability to paste data in DSV format. In DataGrip you can define any format or you can let the IDE detect the format automatically.


That’s how it works now.


SSH tunneling


From this build DataGrip supports:

— Reading OpenSSH config files (~/.ssh/config и /etc/ssh/ssh_config).
— Showing dialogue for One Time Password.
— Using Ssh-agent and Pageant in authentification.

P.S. And for those who use DataGrip with Exasol, we added Exasol 5 support!

That’s all for today. Take DataGrip 2017.3 EAP for a spin!

Your DataGrip Team


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9 Responses to DataGrip 2017.3 EAP 3

  1. John says:

    The Toolbox update of existing EAP3 doesn’t seem to be working correctly. It starts to look for the d/l then stops. I can send log, etc. privately if requested.

  2. Alex Kunin says:

    In “SSH tunneling”, when .ssh/config has references to user home directory with both tilde and username (e.g. “IdentityFile ~username/.ssh/key”), tilde is expanded to current user name, not referred user’s name (e.g. “/Users/currentuserusername/.ssh/key”).

    So, it seems SSH does correct tilde expansion (like here: when it reads config file) — both “~” and “~username” forms are parsed correctly. And DataGrip understands only “~” form.

  3. Jesse Engelberg says:

    EAP 3 has caused my scratches to disappear! The files are still in the Preferences folder, but the Scratches and Consoles window is empty and there’s nowhere I can find to add it in. Is there a preference setting I’m missing?

  4. ZhangHao says:

    Hope add select some rows and paste data from an external source.

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