Early Access Program

DataGrip 2022.1 EAP 3

Hi! A new EAP build for DataGrip 2022.1 is now available. Let’s see what’s new:

New version of Modify Table

We are slightly reworking the Modify Table window. The new version will have a fully generated UI based on introspective properties, which will allow it to have a variety of database-specific parameters.

For now we are releasing only a small portion of the update, but it can already be uniquely useful. The new Modify Table window lets you add and edit column check constraints, which was previously impossible! Also, you can now edit all the properties of tables and columns DataGrip knows about.

We think you will particularly appreciate the new UI for columns because there is no collapsing or expanding, which many users found annoying.

Reworked settings

The structure of the preferences settings for the Database section hasn’t changed since the first version of DataGrip. We decided it was time to improve the section’s usability by updating the structure. Here’s what we’ve come up with:

The Track databases/schemas creation and deletion setting has been moved from the General section. This setting identifies whether the schema list needs to be updated after you create or delete schemas in the query console.

There will be one tiny inconvenience. These settings will be reset to default values:

  • Data Source properties | Track databases/schemas creation and deletion – True.
  • Database | Database Editor and Viewer | Sort tables by numeric primary key – False.
  • Database | Other | Show database refactoring preview – True.
  • Editor | General | Editor Tabs | Database | Always show qualified names for database objects in tab titles – False.
  • Editor | General | Editor Tabs | Database | Shorten datasource and object names in tab titles – True.

Data editor

We’ve fixed some problems related to the date picker:

  • DBE-8561: Clicking outside the date picker no longer loses the changes.
  • DBE-9632: The Enter key works for saving the value in the date picker.
  • DBE-11706: The Tab key is now supported in the date picker.

Code editor

We’ve also addressed a number of issues regarding code highlighting:

  • DBE-11683: [PostgreSQL]: Added support for ROWS FROM syntax. 
  • DBE-11868: [PostgreSQL]: Fixed a problem resulting in unresolved common table expressions.
  • DBE-11830: [Oracle] Added support for USING INDEX ENABLE syntax.
  • DBE-6548: [Oracle] Fixed column resolve in CREATE MATERIALIZED VIEW LOG statements.
  • DBE-15095: [Snowflake] Added support for the WITH TAG option in the CREATE STAGE statement.
  • DBE-14793: [Snowflake]: Added support for the EXECUTE statement.

Database diff viewer

  • DBE-15063: The new smart algorithm for string comparison solved the problem where keyword casing was respected in the diff window. 
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