ReSharper 5.0: Known Issues, Workarounds, and Bugfix Schedule

Hello everyone! Hope you’re having a good time using the new ReSharper 5.0. If you do, just ignore this post 🙂

If you’re facing issues with ReSharper 5.0, read on. There are certain bugs, usability problems and otherwise weird behavior that users report following the release (surprise!). Some of them you can work around, others you can’t, but both kinds of issues will be addressed in the upcoming ReSharper 5.1. It’s scheduled for release in June but we’ll open the Early Access Program in May, and chances are that the most annoying issues will be fixed in these early builds.

Here are some of the most annoying issues that have known workarounds:

  • RSRP-178681: aspx pages lose references to their code-behind files. A lot of people complained that when saving an aspx page with a code-behind file, the reference to the code behind file gets lost and lots of errors start to pop up.
    Workaround: Go back to the aspx page and save it again (without changing anything): the reference restores and both files display and work correctly.
  • RSRP-178492: Adding Cyrillic comments and creating new custom controls in WPF applications sometimes changes file encoding from UTF-8 to Win-1251.
    Workaround: The only way to change this behavior is to manually roll file encoding back to UTF-8 by choosing File | Advanced Save Options in Visual Studio.
  • Another problem reported in RSRP-178492 is that during refactorings, ReSharper changes the locale of XAML files based on your Windows locale. That only happens if you don’t select the “To enable Undo, open all files with changes for editing” check box in a refactoring dialog box.
    Workaround: Make sure to select the “To enable Undo, open all files with changes for editing” check box.
  • UPDATE! Thanks to Frans Bouma for reminding about the other annoying issue, NP-20: Splitting a Visual Studio text editor tab makes ReSharper marker bar and possibly other features go away in one or both parts of this particular tab.
    Workaround: Rejoin the editor tab, close it, then reopen.
  • UPDATE 2! Visual Studio 2010 crashes during file save and build operations.
    Workaround: ReSharper may cause this problem but there’s a known common cause of this behavior: a certain version of AnkhSvn. If you have both ReSharper and AnkhSvn installed, try following Microsoft guidelines on updating your AnkhSvn build. Builds 2.1.8420 and higher are reported to fix the intermittent Visual Studio crash problem.
  • UPDATE 3a! RSRP-147892: Calling GetTempFileName() in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2 causes UnauthorizedAccessException
    Workaround: This is not a ReSharper problem. Microsoft has confirmed that this issue occurs because the GetTempFileName() function in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 handles a duplicated file name incorrectly. Download this Microsoft hot fix to remove the issue.
  • UPDATE 3b! Even small cut-and-paste operations raise “insufficient memory” errors in Visual Studio 2010.
    Workaround: Again, this is not a ReSharper issue. Microsoft has released a patch for Visual Studio 2010 that removes this issue. For details on its symptoms and other implications, read this Visual Studio blog post.

We also receive reports about performance issues when renaming and doing Find Usages in large projects that contain aspx files. We are doing performance analysis and aiming to solve these issues in time for the bug fix release.

Just in case you’re interested, here’s the full list of issues currently scheduled for ReSharper 5.1.

On a different note, people report on a regular basis about Visual Studio 2005 or 2008 installations that freeze or crash after opening web forms, or Solution Explorer that hangs up. There are known solutions to this kind of issues (not having anything to do with ReSharper), including:

Before you contact us with such issues suspecting ReSharper, please make sure to try the solutions provided above.

By the way, if you’re using Visual Studio 2010, have you installed Windows Automation API? Rumors say it really boosts Visual Studio performance, particularly with ReSharper.

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19 Responses to ReSharper 5.0: Known Issues, Workarounds, and Bugfix Schedule

  1. Avatar

    Frans Bouma says:

    May 5, 2010

    The bug where you split the code window horizontally and which makes R# go away completely is not scheduled to be fixed at all? That’s one of the most annoying bugs in R# 5 at the moment: splitting a code window is a burden now, as you know you’ve to resplit the window after you’ve closed the split to get R# back (eg: to get intellisense back!) e.g. RSRP-178978

    Other issues:
    – the current line highlight disappears randomly in 2008, the only way to get it back is to go into tools -> options of and click OK
    – The pencil icon stays on top of any window, even if you tabbed away from 2008 to another application. This is also very very annoying.

  2. Avatar

    Jura Gorohovsky says:

    May 5, 2010


    Oops, completely forgot the thing with window split. Will update the post now, thanks.

    As regards the other bugs you’ve mentioned, not sure if they’re on the top list to be resolved for 5.1.

  3. Avatar

    tobi says:

    May 5, 2010

    And you surely want to fix the bug where is incorrectly marked as an error when the view name does not match a controller action, right? In MVC view names and action names do not always match which is an important feature in postback scenarios. Or if you want to show a different view to a logged in user. Or a different view for google. Or a different view after a postback (as a thanks-message). Please please do not make me click “ignore this error” 10 times every time I open the solution.

  4. Avatar

    Joe White says:

    May 5, 2010

    I’m a bit disappointed that you’re not going to do anything to make Structured Search and Replace more stable. The bugs you’re fixing are all ones I’ve never even seen. Still, if you’re crashing a lot of other users, you’ve got to set priorities.

  5. Avatar

    Edward says:

    May 5, 2010


    SVP put back on your list please.

    Reproduce: Take from the office an laptop and go to the park, start the laptop with no vpn connection to the office. Open in VS2010 your webproject and start editing in one of the aspx pages (any code file will do probably). Your ide is frozen for 10 sec every n seconds.

  6. Avatar

    rupdoc says:

    May 5, 2010

    I think tobi is right. My company is suffering from the same problem. There seems to be no way of turning this particular (wrong!) behavior off without completely disabling MVC support.

  7. Avatar

    Markus Edberg says:

    May 5, 2010

    I can confirm the behavior Edward, tobi and rupdoc said. I think they are right what MVC is concerned. I found this “feature” quite annoying, too. It is frustrating when working code gets flagged as incorrect.

  8. Avatar

    Patrick Smacchia says:

    May 5, 2010

    Personally I am constantly working with several VS instances opened, with different VS solutions dependent on each others. When I compile a VS solution ‘root’, all the ‘dependent on the root’ VS solutions sees the corresponding compiled root dlls as missing.

    Consequently the code editors are full of red code elements which are not resolved by R#5. This is totally unusable and I had to downgrade to R#4.5 for VS 2008, and no R# for VS 2010.

    As a side note, my root folder where all my VS solutions files are is still polluted with dozens of .resharper and .resharper.user files. This bothers me for 4 years that I am using R#. I cannot imagine it is difficult that you put these files somewhere else.

  9. Avatar

    Slava Trenogin says:

    May 5, 2010

    @tobi Yes that normal situation, when view name is different from action name.
    And in most cases R# doing well. What exactly is your situation?
    Errors in MVC view on anonymous Html.BeginForm()?
    You can provide explicitly name of action and controller for postback, i.e. Html.BeginForm(“Action”, “Controller”).

    @rupdoc You can disable one-by-one not-resolved MVC errors (in complex or not-supported cases) by special comments. Action is available by QuickFix.
    It will generetae surrounding comment like this
    # ReSharper disable Asp.NotResolved
    # ReSharper restore Asp.NotResolved

  10. Avatar

    Joe White says:

    May 6, 2010

    @Patrick, the .resharper files will be checked into version control, so where else would you put them other than the solution directory?

    As for the .resharper.user files, those are no different from the .suo file. You add them to the list of extensions that your revision-control system should ignore.

  11. Avatar

    Frans Bouma says:

    May 6, 2010

    I mentioned the window split issue, because it wasn’t in the list of issues to fix for v5.1, so please make sure you have tagged the issue as one to fix for v5.1, as it’s annoying to no end…

    and please make the popup icons at the left of code lines NOT stay visible when the instance doesn’t have the focus (read: when another window is on top of it)… 4.5 didn’t have this issue.

  12. Avatar

    Patrick Smacchia says:

    May 6, 2010

    Joe, there are also some .sln.cache files I forgot to mention. So in my case I have 12 sln files and 36 R# files in my root folder. Why not having one dedicated sub-folder of the sln folder for all these R# files, or at the very least, have an option to let the user store all these files in a sub-folder if he prefers this way.

  13. Avatar

    Dennis says:

    May 11, 2010

    Rename class with sync filename is extremely slow in the 5.0 release. It didnt seem to have those issues in earliere versions.

  14. Avatar

    Sebastian says:

    May 11, 2010

    Silverlight4 code is recognized as “Error in Solution” when referenced from a regular .NET assembly.

    Same goes for optional parameters.

  15. Avatar

    Joe White says:

    May 11, 2010

    Cool – I’m happy to see you added RSRP-177814 (editing one pattern breaks another) for 5.1. That’s the big glaring stability issue. If you fix that, I’ll be able to have a lot more confidence in the feature.

  16. Avatar

    Mike says:

    May 16, 2010

    “Hope you’re having a good time using the new ReSharper 5.0.”

    Not at all 🙁

    Please see this forum thread, which is one the most popular threads in the ReSharper forum. Why do a blog post without even mentioning that?

  17. Avatar

    David says:

    May 17, 2010

    The fix for RSRP-178681 (aspx pages lose references to their code-behind files) works most but not all of the time for me.

    It seems to be worst on pages which reference user controls. In one instance I achieved the workaround by saving the user control and then going back to the page and saving that.

    This is on VS2008 on an web forms project.

  18. Avatar

    Radik says:

    May 18, 2010

    Visual Studio 2010 always crash when Resharper 5 is used. It happens very often usually when I make refactoring (rename fields) or when it is necessary to add usage of namespace. Also several times Visual Studio 2010 crashed when one property was underlined (with warning) and I drag mouse over this property.

  19. Avatar

    Anthony Mastrean says:

    June 15, 2010

    Rename is much slower with Synchronize file names on. It seems to spend a lot of time in Designer files.

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